Blue Gingham Washi Dress

I finally made a washi dress! Yeah, I know, I’m probably the last sewing blogger alive to make one of these.

I really wasn’t sure if this style would suit me, and I’ll be honest, I generally baulk at any sewing pattern priced over the $10 mark.  That is why I’ve waited so long – I really wanted to see a whole bunch of them around blog land so I could decide if I liked it enough. The skirt is quite full in comparison to what I usually wear (I tend to go for a pencil skirt style) and because the bodice / skirt seam is quite high I worried it might make me look a bit pregnant. (Nope – no announcements here.)

Luckily I am very small in the bust which means that the fullness of the skirt is a bit less, as your sizing with this pattern is very dependent on your bust size. I was a good match for the size small. The skirt is still slightly fuller than I’d like, but it will be nice and floaty for hot summer days.

I bought the gingham fabric from the clearance table at my local chain fabric store, and at the time there was a sale on, so the price came down to a measly $2.10 per metre. WIN. My intention was to use this fabric to make a muslin, but as it turns out, I really like it. So my muslin has become a dress I will actually enjoy wearing.

There is a sleeve option but I chose to go sleeveless for this one, just because I like it. I might make one with sleeves next time. I might also omit the neckline notch next time – it’s OK but I do like the clean line of a simple scoop neck. I did a fair bit of gawking through the washi dress flick group to check out styles and variations.

I might be feeling a bit smug about how well I matched my gingham stripes at the seam… 😉

 The pockets are handy but not essential for me. I might omit them next time too and make the job a super quick one  – just breeze up those side seams with my overlocker. Quick and easy. This was my first time shirring as well – one of those techniques I’ve avoided forever and then was shocked at how easy it is! I dropped the shirring lines by about 1 1/2 inches to match my waist better – Gemma from Pretty Bobbins  gave me that tip and it worked a treat.

I used about 2.5m of fabric for this dress and bought some shirring elastic so all up I think it cost me about $8. Bargain!

What do you think? Have you made a washi dress or do you plan to?

23 thoughts on “Blue Gingham Washi Dress

  1. that's a cute dress, love all the different veriations on the Flicker group,I'm working on one simeler from a cheap walmart pattern, I just call it a baby doll style dress lol!

  2. I feel like I need to raise my hand! I am a sewing blogger and I don't own the washi pattern, but I want to! This dress is beautiful…I love it!

  3. Yay for $8!!!
    Yay for seams lining up!!!
    Yay for making a dress that looks awesome!!!
    I havent made this dress, i think my big bust and hips wouldnt suit .

  4. I think it's lovely.. You are not the last one to make a washi!! Hopefully blogging my first dress tomorrow(have made tunic bit not full dress). Yours looks great!!

  5. wow you really are on a selfish sewing week. And lots of it. i do not know how you manage to squeeze it in. I love the dress but non I have not every made a washi dress or known about it!!! Looks fab

    1. I would love to tell you that I am superwoman, but alas! I spend most of my time being a Mum, but get a few breaks in the week when my little ones go to kindergarten and daycare so I can do some paid work. During these days I get a couple of hours on my own and I can work on some projects. I often sew on the weekends when my husband is home, or in the evenings when the kids are asleep. A little secret – both my selfish sewing projects were made several weeks ago. I blogged about them this week because they were a good fit for the theme. I have actually done no selfish sewing at all during this actual week! Ssssshhh 😉

  6. It looks lovely on you! I've been thinking of giving the washi a go but I'm a bit obsessed with making t-shirts from sew much ado's seafarer top at the moment, so the washi's going to have to wait 🙂

  7. This is cute. I looked at the flicker group photos and was quite impressed.
    The pattern has one tricky matter though. Not a fault, just a matter. The darts for the bust are a bit A fitting when many of the ladies are B or C fitting. If the darts extend too far the woman looks as if she is 50s pointy. The tips of bust darts should end about 1.5 – 2 cm before the person's bust point. Allow enough fitting space to look sleek not poured. Your shirring is excellent to achieve this. Measure your own bust point distance and note it in a book. The bra you are wearing will make a difference. I learned this trick from a high end couturier many years ago and it really works.

  8. I haven't sewn it yet either, although I look at it every month or so. I really, really, really don't want anyone to ask if I'm expecting… It looks great in your checks! I guess it's all about fabric choice. Thanks for bumping me one tiny step closer to buying this pattern.

  9. The dress is beautiful and it looks great on you! I've never made a dress. A couple of skirts recently, but I generally shy away from sewing clothes. Nervous, I guess.

  10. Make it the second last person. To be honest, I've never heard of a washi dress but I love it and I love the gingham. Any size check will do me. What a bargain! You look radiant Ros. xx

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