Upcycled Hoodie Prefontaine Shorts

Welcome to my stop on the Prefontaine Shorts World Tour! Jill from Made With Moxie designed and released this pattern recently and I instantly decided my girls were getting some of these retro style shorts for summer. Here is pair number one of what will no doubt become a Prefontaine Collection.

Confession. I had never heard of Steve Prefontaine before this. I couldn’t work out why Jill would call her pattern ‘Prefontaine Shorts’ so I googled it. And I found Steve and his moustache.

I’ve gone for an upcycle for this project. My sister and I have a system where she drops over anything she wants to donate to charity, then I go through the bag and take what I like (oops, don’t think I told her about that part) then I donate it at my local thrift store because the ladies who volunteer there are so lovely.

In one of her donation bags I found a large grey hooded sweatshirt with a zip up the middle and a pretty bird detail on the lapel. I quite liked it, but when I tried it on I could see why my sister had got rid of it – the fit was really off. Just weird. I kept in anyway as I knew it would eventually have a new life as something else.

The pretty bird detail was the star attraction of the original garment, so it became the pocket. Anna likes it so much that she wears the shorts back to front so she can see it!

For the purple trim, I cut strips from the left over fabric of a t-shirt that I had already cut up for another project (which you will also see this week.) The purple coordinates with the grey perfectly to create the girly look Anna is so fond of. All the stitching on the shorts is done with purple thread, adding some interest to the front which would otherwise be quite plain.

The grey fabric is a thick sweatshirt knit. It is really soft and so comfortable – I’m quite envious of Anna, I really want some of these shorts for myself. Adult sizes please Jill!

Anna is still a 3 in trousers but I sized these up for her to a 4. They are quite baggy but still fit really nicely, and seeing as it’s still winter here, my plan is for her to get this coming summer and hopefully the next out of them. After a couple of years Lucy will be ready for them, so I’ll get a good 4-5 years of wear between the girls.

Great stuff about the Prefontaine Shorts pattern – there are not many pieces so it’s a very quick cut and sew. I also love that they are unisex – it’s pretty rare to find a pattern that suits both girls and boys equally. My girls are pretty active and skirts and dresses don’t always work for park trips and bike riding so these are a winner. Also, you can use pretty much any fabric you have in your stash. Wovens, knits, towelling for that real 70s look or upcycling an existing garment like I did – everything works.

Love it? You can get your copy of the pattern here.
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11 thoughts on “Upcycled Hoodie Prefontaine Shorts

  1. Well done Ros. They look great. I am off to google steve prefontaine. I also wondered why they were called that – thanks!

  2. (claps hands) These are just prefect Ros! And I love that you totally upcycled them all. I wrote the pattern so that you could whip up a pair of shorts completely from the To Donate pile of clothing, but I think there are very few people who did this. They look fantastic.

    And Adult Prefontaines are already in the works!

  3. I loved in the pattern how you encourage the upcycling and suggest old garments to use, like the t-shirt strips for the binding. I'd never done it before but your pattern made it a piece of cake! Looking forward for the adult pattern! x

  4. I'd never heard of him either 🙂 Such a great idea to use an old sweatshirt for them – they must be so lovely and soft inside. The pocket detail is fantastic too.

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