My Little Pony Tumble Tee + Pattern Giveaway

Anna is all about dresses. She wears a dress every single day. Actually I lie. Occasionally she’ll choose a skirt. I have no say over her wardrobe choices anymore (which makes for some interesting ensembles some days!) but I knew this pattern would be perfect for her. A super comfy knit t-shirt with a pair of leggings – the proof is in the wearing – she only took it off because I insisted it needed washing!

Today I’m part of the Tumble Tee Blog Tour – this pattern was designed by Rachael of Imagine Gnats, and is available for purchase and instant download here.

I’ve said it before – the selection of knit fabrics in local stores here is terrible and boring really limited. I found this My Little Pony t-shirt on clearance in an adult clothing store and knew that Anna would love it. I bought another clearance tee and put them together for this tumble tee. Here are the t-shirts before I chopped into them.

I bought the largest ones they had on the rack so I could maximise the amount of fabric. I cut the inside seams and removed the sleeves so I could seperate the front and back of the t-shirts, then I cut the front piece from the My Little Pony tee, and the back piece from the purple tee. (The rest of the purple tee was used for the trim on my Prefontaine Shorts.) I cheated by preserving the factory hems to make it an even quicker sew!

I could have cut both pieces from the black pony tee but I didn’t for two reasons. First, Rachael designed this pattern as a colour blocked tee. The pattern is meant to have two different panels in the front, however I just created one because I was preserving the pony motif. To stay true to her design I went ahead with colour blocking between the back and front. Secondly, I felt that having an all black tee was a bit too much for Anna – she is a colour loving kid and rarely wears such dark colours.

I love the cap style sleeves – no separate pieces to cut and sew and perfect because Anna’s kindergarten doesn’t allow the children to wear sleeveless garments (sun smart policy). I’m really conscious about making sure anything I sew for her has sleeves.

This photo shoot would not be complete without…you guessed it. My Little Ponies. It’s cool that she likes them so much – they were one of my favourite toys when I was little too.

This kid. So much attitude.

If you are a beginner, new to sewing with knits or are a keen upcycler, this pattern is a must have. I’ve made a dress version, but the pattern also has a regular t-shirt view, so it can be sewn up for boys and girls.

Rachael is very generously giving a copy of her Tumble Tee pattern to one of my readers – please leave a comment and I’ll choose my favourite! Give me your best advice for sewing with knits and your favourite places to buy knit fabrics.

You can check out all the other fabulous versions of the Tumble Tee during the tour – make sure you pop over and visit Susan from Living With Punks who is also sharing her version today!

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29 thoughts on “My Little Pony Tumble Tee + Pattern Giveaway

  1. I have no advice as I've just started, but I am going to try to sew with tissue paper this weekend as I've been reading about… cross your fingers for me!

  2. To ask my advice about knits would be like asking me to close my eyes and lead you around Bourke street (actually I'd probably do better at that) but I love the dress, I've really been getting into some sewing for the kids just waiting for them to either be well or the weather to be right to take some pictures. It really is fun seeing them in stuff you've made 🙂

  3. My advice is to go slowly and swear a lot. Not particularly helpful, but it works for me. My favorite placer to buy knits is a thrift store because my local chain fabric store has a terrible selection! I'm too chicken to buy online because I want to feel it first.

  4. Oh I would love to make one for my Miss 4 – she also has the same sun policy and loves dresses. Hard to find them with sleeves in shops while still being cool and comfortable for summer.

    My tips – practice on something like an upcycled tshirt first. I use a ball point needle, stretch stitch and I find ironing with starch spray helps too. I'm no expert and have just started but enjoying the results.

    Favourite places – mmmm I found a great stash in a thrift store, I have bought a little when I find good quality at Spotlight but I really wish Girl Charlee had better postage rates to Australia!!

  5. My favourite place to buy knits is in my own wardrobe! Hahaha 🙂 free = best.
    Tips from me? Yeah.. none. Sorry!

    LOL I love love love Anna's pose! 🙂 hahaha. She is adorable. Awesome shirt Ros!

  6. My favorite place to buy knits is from a fabric market here in Taipei, it's a two story, gigantic wear house full of individual fabric stalls, you can get lost there for hours! Unfortunately there are next to none thrift stores here, so I buy knits brand new but selections here are quite nice.

    Advice? Do not get cocky (excuse my French) and think that after reading 1 (one) tutorial you got this whole "double needle sewing without your machine being equipped with an extra tread sticky-uppy" down. It WILL get messy and you WILL say oh just screw it and wear the dress anyway while making sure nobody looks at the hem by saying "hey what is that over there? Oh.. I just thought I saw something". Ahem.. anyways… this is what I hear of course, not my personal experience..

  7. I love it! The T is so cute and a great recycle and Anna is super cute. I love the pose and the attitude to go with it. You go girl.
    When my kids were little (back in the early 90's) one could actually buy decent t-shirting here in Australia (!), before the dreaded "S" came in and all the small stores closed down and competition and quality died along with them. I'll step off my soap box now. I do feel a bit strongly about that topic as you can see. Knitwit used to have the best quality knits, but they were a little pricey; I used to wait for the sales and seasonal clearances. I haven't heard of them now for many years, but apparently they still exist somewhere.

    When they were little I used to recycle fabrics and clothing but it wasn't trendy then so I kept it on the down-low. Now I do it openly and love the focus on re-using fabric and upcycling garments. Using garments for fabric is still my favourite way of getting stretch fabrics as you are sooooo right about how hard it is to buy decent quality knit fabrics here. I have found though that it is easier to use it for kids clothing and smaller adults and very tricky to get enough fabric for large size clothing. If clothing is on clearance I will sometimes get 2-3 tops in order to make something, but that can sometimes work out expensive too.

    I have been looking at Girl Charlee online, but haven't yet been able to order from there. I like what I see though.

  8. I just google "knitwit" and they are now based only in Perth, WA. They do have online fabric Australia wide. If you have ever seen or touched their fabrics you would be in knit fabric heaven. They only have top quality stuff. Naturally they are a bit pricey too.
    Here's the link:

  9. No advice on where to buy good stretch fabric now-a-days. I agree with Dee.. in the days before Spotlight, I used to buy BEAUTIFUL stretch fabric at my local fabric shop, just 10 minutes away. Sweaters I made for myself over 20 years ago, still have not pilled. It was cheaper to buy good fabric and patterns, than to buy cheap clothes. I didn't know Knitwit made stretch fabric, but I used to have some of their stretch patterns. Oh, I wish I hadn't given them away!!!

    Advice re stretch sewing… use your overlocker. Sure, it can be done on a regular machine, but there's no comparison. Use a twin needle for hems, or do as you have and use the hem from existing garments. Great job with the refashion!!! Love the cap sleeves and I can see why Anna loves the t-shirt with the My Little Ponies.

  10. Haha! Love the attitude. The MLP tee looks great on you. The neckline and shoulders sit so nicely! I mostly recycle knits too. Nowhere to get good ones although very rarely these a good find to be had at Spotlight.

  11. My favorite source is definitely thrift store clothes. I have found some cool find at a textile mill here is SC that has factory sales once a month. As for tips, start with cheap fabric that you aren't scared to ruin and just try it. Be brave!

  12. After making a raglan tee for my toddler who was blessed with a large cranium, he and I were both so excited to have him try it on. Despite the obvious stretch knits have, the neck still did not fit over his head. We were both so sad. I of course spent the entire night making him a new one. My advise when sewing with knits, measure the recipient when at all possible (unless of course they have an average sized head, then your all good).

  13. After making a raglan tee for my toddler who was blessed with a large cranium, he and I were both so excited to have him try it on. Despite the obvious stretch knits have, the neck still did not fit over his head. We were both so sad. I of course spent the entire night making him a new one. My advise when sewing with knits, measure the recipient when at all possible (unless of course they have an average sized head, then your all good).

  14. Who would've thought you could buy adult sized MLP t-shirts. My Miss E was the same when she was that age. All skirts and dresses. Now its tights with skirts and dresses. No jeans, ever. Very cute (and she's growing up so much. Looks like she had a growth spurt.) Hope the parcel arrived ok. (Only about 3 months too late. LOL)

    Anne xx

  15. Love the attitude in the photo shoot. I am just getting into the idea of repurposing t-shirts into other things, this is exactly what I am thinking of to start.

  16. Love the dress, looks like the perfect play dress.
    My tip for sewing with knits is to start your line of sewing 1 cm or so in from where you would have stared sewing. This seems to stop the machine 'eating' the fabric. Also using a stretch stitch is great if your machine has one.

    Like you Ros, I love buying XXL t-shirts to make tops, leggings and pjs for the small people. You can get a more interesting range of knit fabrics than is available in the fabric shops. Renee

  17. This post caught my eye immediately because of the "My Little Pony;" my daughter is a huge fan! I buy almost all my knits from Girl Charlee. When sewing knits, I have started hemming them with knit stay tape and it's perfect every time!

  18. Love your take on the color blocking! I actually like it very much this way! It's always good to see others take on a pattern. I had seen her dress pattern before but just didn't know if I'd like it. Your style has inspired me! Now I need it!!! 🙂 like you my favorite place to shop for knits is the Salvation Army! I go to the men's section mostly because I can. Get so many pieces out of one shirt and honestly there are tons of color options in our local store. 🙂 happy sewing!

    1. My name didn't show up on my comment. 🙁 if I win you need to know who I am! Lol 😉
      It's Renea! My email is renealynch @!

  19. I get my knits at Girl Charlee or the Fabric Fairy. I haven't actually USED my knits yet but I'm excited to learn how to!!! I don't have any good tips yet, except make sure you sew the correct way or you will get your shirt stuck on your body and this will make you really sad and mad, because you cut your fabric up, and if you are like me, then you will be sad that your shirt is too small to come off your body. Maybe that's why some shirts are hard to take off that I try on! That just made me immensely happy that it was a faulty shirt knit and not me morphing into a blob!

  20. I am still new to sewing with knits, but have had the very best results with my "for knits" needle in my machine. It makes such a huge difference! And I'm a new Girl Charlee addict. I just spent $50 there last week and am waiting on my first shipment! I had planned to make a few raglan tees but would love to throw a few of these into the mix for my girl, so sweet!! Love your color blocking!

    New to your blog, nice to meet you! 🙂

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