A-line Reversible Skirt

I’m committed to this whole “sew for yourself” thing. Especially as my behaviour in front of the camera is much more predictable that my 2 year oold, making the blogging of these items much easier. For example, I don’t tend to run out on the road or smear dirt from the garden across a freshly hemmed dress.

Then again, those things could be fun.

Skirts are a summer staple for me, and Rachael blogged a great tutorial for the Cerisy skirt a few months back – she shows you how to draft a simple pattern, make the skirt reversible and stitch on a yoga band for the waist. Win, win, win. Yoga bands are the best. (Ok, hands up who still wears maternity clothes a couple of years after having their kids? Shhh, your secret is safe with me.)

Fabric number one: A grey, yellow and black floral quilting cotton I bought over a year ago at Spotlight. With a bit of creative cutting I managed to get the skirt out of only one metre of fabric. Nice.

Look at that pasty white winter skin. Oh Summer Sun how I miss you! It was actually quite sunny the day I took these pics as you can see by my squinting, but it was only about 12C. Brrr.

Fabric number two: one of my all time faves, a grey dandelion print home dec weight cotton. I’ve used this one in a lot of previous projects. I needed more than a metre because it’s a directional print, but it was from an extra wide roll so I still have heaps. That two yards I bought from fabric.com just keeps going and going.

The only thing I did differently from the Cerisy tutorial is that I lessened the a-line. Really triangular shaped a-line skirts just don’t work for me, I’ve always been more of a pencil skirt girl, so where Rachael suggests making the bottom of the skirt width waist + 3″, I changed mine to waist + 1 1/2″, creating a straighter shape.

I made mine one evening when I was supposed to be packing for a week long trip away and I had a blogging event the next morning. I was stressing that I had nothing to wear, so I made a new skirt. As you do. But seriously – if you’ve got a spare hour, you can make this skirt.

Simple, functional, two skirts in one. Great for summer with sandals, or winter with tights and boots. What’s not to love? Thanks Rachael!

14 thoughts on “A-line Reversible Skirt

  1. I love your skirt, Ros. Great fabrics choices. And yeah, I love the waistband so much I want to sew on on my jeans, but it, then I would look preggers. I think I need to lessen my a line angle on my next one too.

  2. Two great looks and I love those fabrics, especially the dandelion one. Can I make one teeny suggestion? Try shortening the skirt length to just at your knees. It's very flattering because it will make your legs look longer and slimmer. It works for me! It's a little trick* taught to me by a couture seamstress. *Skirt/dress hems should finish at the legs thinnest point, so apart from ankles, knees are usually the next smallest/thinnest bit, unless a person has super slim calves/thighs!

  3. Oh I recognise this one – you are 'sew' good. I really should make something for myself. It is such a great idea to start sewing things now so that they are all ready for spring/summer wearing.

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