When We Were Young

Today I’m over at Sewpony for Suz’s series When We Were Young. My challenge was to recreate an outfit from my childhood. Here are some of the outfits that didn’t make the cut!

Haha the days before digital cameras – sometimes the dodgy closed eyes pics were all you got! My Mum made that red dress that I wore to my primary school ball in 1989, where we demonstrated what we’d learned at our ballroom dancing lessons. I loved that dress – I think Mum and Dad might still have it somewhere. I know she has the pattern in her sewing box. I do still have the cupcake overalls and matching blouse – they are hanging in my closet!

Ahh the 80s! The pink skirt photo is from 1987, and the other two are from 1985.

Again with the eyes shut! And my poor shocked little brother! This photo is from 1985 – I am 5, my sister Kirsten is 3 and my brother Andrew is about 4 months old. My Mum still looks exactly the same, but just has a different hairstyle – it’s blonder these days.

This is the outfit I finally settled on to recreate for the When We Were Young series – you can see what I made for my girls over at Sewpony!


7 thoughts on “When We Were Young

  1. Awesome shots, haha! So cuuute! My gosh, your girls look like you and here's the evidence. As for me…I have a few too many outfits which involved puff paint. Not sure we'd want to be re-creating that 😉

  2. It was too expensive to take and develop lots of photos, before digital cameras. If eyes were closed, you didn't find out till you picked up the photos from the chemist and it was too late then, anyway. My daughter's Year 6 dress was very similar to yours, except her's was black and I didn't make it. Loved seeing the photos of you as a young kid, Ros!!!

  3. So cute Ros. Your girls are going to grow up looking at these pics saying "Mum I don't remember these photos, look how old fashioned we look." The resemblance is remarkable.

    Anne xx

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