Two Colette Sorbettos

I’ve spent a great deal of the past five summers either pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve since lost a fair amount of the weight I put on during those years and most of my summer wardrobe is either ill fitting, stretched, too big or just plain worn out.

Rather than buy, I’ve decided that this year I’d like to try and make as much of my summer wardrobe as I can. So here is the first post in what will most likely be several more…with me in front of the camera rather than behind it! I’ve still got some time to build up my summer wardrobe – the really warm weather won’t begin here until November.

Abby and I had chatted about making the Colette Sorbetto, then I saw Lauren, one of the contestants on the Great British Sewing Bee, wearing one on the show. I printed the pattern the next day!

This one is the first Sorbetto I made. I was pretty thrilled with how it came out. IT FIT ME! My confidence in sewing for myself was ruined when I made a skirt from a New Look pattern a couple of years ago. It was about four weeks after having Lucy. Bad mistake. Do not sew for yourself when you have recently given birth and are newly breastfeeding. They are not measurements to be relied upon. Anyway, my measurements suggested I was a size 16 on the pattern. I’ve always been a size 10-12 (US size 6-8, UK size 8-10). I thought I should go with what the pattern said, but of course, the skirt was WAY too big. Despite Mum’s and my best efforts taking it in, it just didn’t work and was a disaster. I haven’t made anything for myself since.
The fabric is a cotton voile that I picked up at Spotlight. The roll didn’t have a price tag on it so the lady at the counter gave it to me for $2 per metre. YESSS! So I bought the rest of the roll…I later saw at another store that it was $14.95p/m. Score!
I gave the pattern a second try, this time with a floral Japanese Lawn that I got from the clearance table. I’m not normally one to wear florals or yellow, but I’m out of my comfort zone by sewing for myself so might as well stay out there and try something different to my usual wardrobe choices. I don’t like this one as much as the first, but it fits in nicely as a top for work, when teamed with my black pencil skirt and layered with a black cardigan if the weather is cool.
Once I made this one, I had a few thoughts. Firstly, I think I can go down a size. There is a lot of room in the back and sides and it can make this top look a bit boxy. That said, during the heat of summer it is nice to have loose fitting clothing. Second, I’d like to play with the pattern a bit and perhaps make the shoulder straps thinner. Lastly, I’d like to take out the pleat down the middle and make a couple of plain tanks.
Pattern details: only two pieces (back and front) with no closures. Trickiest bit – making my own binding from the voile. Changes I made to pattern instructions – I overlocked my side seams and shoulder seams. French seams would work really well for this garment if you don’t have an overlocker.
Best part about this pattern? It’s free! You can download it from The Coletterie.

20 thoughts on “Two Colette Sorbettos

  1. I cut out the pieces for this pattern during the Spring Top Sewalong in 2012 and have never sewn it up! They look lovely on you, I especially like the yellow floral. Looking forward to seeing what else you sew for yourself.

  2. Beautiful Ros!
    I was just thinking yesterday about when you might post these!
    I also have the pattern printed like Laura, but havent attempted it. I think I may just go ahead and buy the wiksten since the shape of the wiksten looks so so similar to my favourite tank. 🙂
    Cant wait to see some more #selfishsewing 😉

  3. Gorgeous Ros, you look fabulous in them both. It looks like the yellow and floral fabrics are something that actually do suit you despite your thoughts on them! Looking forward to the upcoming summer projects of yours as well.

  4. Both tops look fabulous, Ros!!! $2p/m… what a bargain!!! I always have trouble re sizing with New Look, Butterick, etc. No matter what size I choose, they almost always turn out way too big, even when I go to a size smaller than I think I should. I don't know what's happened to the sizing of patterns, but this has not always been the case. Looking forward to seeing more of your Summer wardrobe.

  5. I have this pattern as well, so nice to see it on a person. I thought Lauren was wearing this top, or at least soemthing similar 🙂 I hope you were taking photos on that super warm day in Melbourne last week (or was it two weeks ago?) haha I am currently taking a break after making an attempt to make myself a skirt. I too thought I was size 16 according to the measurements, and it turned out HUGE!!!

  6. Still have to finish mine, lost interest in completing the binding as it a bit gapey due to my bust size! I reckon you could make a longer version too, a tunic to wear in summer?

  7. I made a couple of sorbettos in the last month, and I love how cool and loose they are. I've been wearing them all summer, I added a peterpan collar to one and made it in eyelet cotton. I'm looking to do some more with short and long sleeves for work in the autumn.

  8. Gorgeous prints Ros and what a bargain. I remember I bought a pattern years ago that was just basically like a t-shirt but you had the choice of a round neck, v-neck or boat neck and sleeveless or with short sleeves. I used to make a couple of these up on a Saturday afternoon for a new summer wardrobe. It was a very versatile pattern. I'd like to go back to making my clothes again. One of these days.

    Anne xx

  9. Hi Ross, I just printed out a pattern for the top. The test square is 4 inches by 4 inches, but on my copy it is 3 1/2 by 3 1/2. Scaling on my computer is set to 0. was yours 4×4? I can't handle another ruined project this week hahaha

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