The Winter Sewing Day

Last Saturday I hosted my Winter Sewing Day. It went way too fast – it felt like I blinked and the day was over! Time flies when you are having fun. Cliched, but SO TRUE. Time also flies and not much sewing gets done when you talk-talk-talk. Guilty.

There were twelve (technically 13 if you include baby Ted!) of us all up, we had a few people unable to make it at the last minute due to illness and partners working – waaah hope you ladies can make it to the next one! It actually turned out to be a great number, we all had lots of space to spread out our projects.

 Lyndelle, Louise, Fiona & Luna
The sewing machines hummed all day, and were often drowned out by chatter and laughter. It was interesting to see everyone’s machines, from Luna’s vintage Singer through to Emma‘s space age Bernina.

There were lots of different projects on the go – Suz was working on a quilt and also cut out an Oliver & S dress, Emma and Lyndelle were both making Noodlehead bags, Lyndall was making a huge stack of pink paper pieced blocks, Jane made a ninja softie, Louise was working on some place mats for her kitchen, Luna made some critter softies, Fiona made some waterproof pants and a pinafore for her daughter and I made my July Modern Quilt Along block and pattern tested a vintage style dress.

Abby was knitting, she couldn’t bring along all her sewing gear because she brought along a special guest! Ted is only 4 weeks old so he snoozed while we sewed.

The venue was GJs Discount Fabrics in Brunswick. They have an upstairs room set up for sewing groups and it’s a great space. Lots of tables, a high cutting bench and irons and ironing boards all around the room.

 Fiona, Jane & Lyndall
Quick apology on the quality of the pics – I took them all on my phone. We went away for a break last week and – the horror – I left my proper camera behind! You can check out some more photos at Jane’s blog Lil Pip Designs.
It was a brilliant day for many reasons. Connecting with new people who have a shared love of sewing. Catching up with friends. Having a break from the usual routine at home. Checking out everyone else’s amazing projects. Popping downstairs into the shop for a few cheeky fabric purchases!
And yes – I will be organising another one. Social media can be a bit unreliable at times, so I’ve actually set up a brand new newsletter! It will contain the best of Sew Delicious, news about events like this, links to great stuff around the web that I’ve been inspired by, and other fun bits and pieces. You can sign up for it HERE!
Thanks again to all the fabulous ladies who came and made it such a lovely day!

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  1. So wish I lived in Aus so I could come to one of your sewing days! Hope you have one when I am next over visiting my friends as that would be amazing!

  2. I hope I will be able to make it to the next one Ros especially that I know that there was someone who was knitting! Maybe we can do a join sewing/knitting next time!

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