Origami Hearts

Anna has been on holiday from kindergarten for the past two weeks. I had plans to take her out and do some special activities with her, but unfortunately I was laid low with an awful virus. I’m better now, but I was so disappointed not to be able to make the most of the one on one time we had together.

One of the activities we did at home was to set up the ipad and use You Tube to guide us through some origami. It was really fun and perfect for her age – she was challenged, but it was achievable for her and we chose some origami projects that weren’t too intricate.

Our local Japanese dollar store has a great selection of origami paper. The designs and patterns on the paper are gorgeous. I also use them for other paper craft projects like card making.

To make these hearts, we used this video. There is a little pocket on the back of the heart, which would make these a very cute Valentine’s Day project, as you can tuck little notes inside.

This was a really great project to do together. It can be a long or short project for kids, and when you’ve finished one piece of origami you can do a quick search and find another one you like! It was also interesting to watch Anna’s patience get tested. She struggled with some of the finer folding and found it hard to keep up with the instructions. I think that’s a good thing – activities that require patience are pretty thin on the ground for many kids these days. I’m thinking we might make origami a weekly activity.

Now I need to find a you tube video to make one of those paper things we used in high school – do you remember them? I can’t remember what they are called, you move them with your fingers and they have choices on them, then you lift the flap to find out what your choice was? I’m thinking it could be a good strategy in future to get my kids to do chores around the house!

14 thoughts on “Origami Hearts

  1. I remember playing that paper game, but wouldn't have a clue what it's called. I'll have to check out the origami. I think it's good to develop kid's patience and attention spans!!! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Our kids call them chatterboxes – our daughter's Grade 1 teacher taught the kids how to make them and uses them for all subjects – they learn to spell words with them, colours, maths…. we have about 10 of them floating around our house!

    1. Great idea about the spelling and maths! Anna is learning her letters and numbers at the moment so that would be a perfect activity for her 🙂 Thanks Sasha!

  3. gorgeous hearts Ros – whenever I finally make it into Daiso in the city, I am going to pounce on some of that paper, the hearts are such a great idea. The girls went through a big Chatterbox phase – they wrote really high numbers on them (not just 1, 2, 3, 4) – so you'd go through this lengthy counting rigmarole, only to flip up your final choice to find something like "you pick your nose" … They do love making them though! Hope you are completely back to normal now. x

  4. I almost bought an origami book to try with Casper recently, glad I didn't – why do I always forget about You Tube! Pleased to hear you're feeling better now. I also want to make the most of every day that Casper is home now that he's starting school. Off to order some origami papers.

  5. That's a great idea to do with the kids, Samuel, although he'd never tell his mates, loves origami, when he was in Japan last year he was taught some amazing things. So pretty. I agree it's not a bad thing for kids to get things wrong first try how do you learn from mistakes if you don't go outside your comfort zone.

  6. Fabulous idea to do with the kids. My five year old adores craft activities and I hadn't thought of this. Sorry to hear you were not well and high five to Anna for the great work.

  7. These are ros. I picked up some super cute Japanese wrapping paper from a new Japanese $2 shop in box hill. not quite $2, everything is $2.80, but super cute and kitsch!!

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