Goodbye Google Reader! And some cool stuff.

The time has come to farewell Google Reader. I know lots of people have used it to follow their favourite blogs for a long time, so I thought I’d share a few alternatives with you.

Personally, I have used Bloglovin for over a year now. I love the simple layout, they’ve recently updated the iPad app and it’s SO much better, and I really like the daily email that gives a quick round up of all the new posts for that day. So if you are looking for a new reader, I recommend it. You can check out all the blogs I follow here. You can find a tutorial for transferring your Google Reader RSS feed to Bloglovin here, and you can follow me by clicking this button:

Follow on Bloglovin

Next up is Feedly. It’s another type of reader and quite a lot of bloggers have adopted it. It might suit you too, and you can check it out here.

Finally, you can have Sew Delicious delivered straight to your email inbox via Feedburner. You can subscribe to that here. And if you don’t use a reader, I post all my blog links to my Facebook page,so you can follow me there.

 Now…I promised cool stuff.

Image Source: Made With Moxie

I’m quite in love with these shorts! My girls will totally be rocking these retro numbers during summer. They remind me of shorts from when I was a little kid in the 80s. Something about that towelling makes me so happy! Best thing is you can use any fabric you like – woven or knit. These are a new release pattern  – Prefontaine Shorts by Made with Moxie in sizes 18m -8. Grab your pattern by instant download here.

Image Source: Blossom Heart Quilts
Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts is hosting a quilt along – it’s called Easy As ABC. Each block is a simple letter block – such a great idea. The finished quilt will look fantastic, but it’s also a great set of blocks to be able to use to personalise a quilt for someone special. Check out the Easy As ABC details and see all the blocks.
Finally, this is probably the coolest thing that happened to me today. My daughter turned around to me and said:


10 thoughts on “Goodbye Google Reader! And some cool stuff.

  1. Sweet. Sometimes kids say things that make you laugh out loud, or wish you could without hurting their feelings, and sometimes they say things that are just so incredibly sweet.

  2. She's a smart cookie that girl. Obviously takes after her Mum! I'm finding I like Feedly quite a lot. I always tend to follow blogs by RSS feed. Not sure what other people do. I guess its just the habit I got into.


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