The tech side of blogging is not easy for me – thank goodness for You Tube videos and geeks around the world who have made tutorials for people who need ultra basic directions like me! Plus, I don’t spend any money on the administration side of my blog…mainly because I’d rather buy fabric.

I tried to make my blog header smaller last night and succeeded in ruining it completely – ARGH – but it gave me the push I need to create a new look. Well, kind of. In my moment of crisis Cass from Cass Can Sew came to the rescue and made me something new and beautiful. My new header is fresh, clean and simple and totally my style. She sews amazing things and has a hidden talent for blog design – she does everything!

And it reminds me of this project:

I am not too bad at tech stuff most of the time – I  participated in a Google hangout yesterday with some awesome ladies from a blogging group I’m part of on facebook. A comment thread has nothing on the information you can glean from an actual conversation! I’m now officially a huge fan of Google hangouts. So great to ‘meet’ all those ladies in real life – or at least in real time.

Next on the list is new social media icons, and I think it might also be time for an overhaul of my About page. Some new pics and fresh info – some of it is out of date. It may surprise you but I actually find it quite hard to write about myself personally, especially as I wonder what people would like to know!

Behind the scenes of blogs can be quite interesting places, don’t you think? I often read blogs and wonder about how that person goes about their writing and photography, and making it all fit in with creating, working, parenting and family life. And I love that they do, because the way bloggers share so much awesome stuff for free is an excellent thing.

Hope you are having a great weekend – it’s a long one here, hurrah for the Queen’s Birthday!

22 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. Oooh pretty, Cass did an amazing job on it, I know what you mean about the tech stuff I don't get it. I need to update my about page but I don't want to write, hey I'm mrs awesome, follow me as I perfect the art of doing it all…because my pants would go on fire. I find it hard to write positive things, I think that's the Aussie way we are more comfortable in making fun of ourselves than talking ourselves up.

  2. Love your colours Ros – can't wait to see the rest! I'm hopeless at this stuff too but we are all having fun learning from wonderful, supportive (and very clever) friends like Cass!! 🙂

  3. Love the new look Ros, so simple and clean! I'm lucky in that my husband knows lots of geek tech stuff, although it means I ask him to fix something rather than push myself to do it!

  4. Looks good Ros. I keep thinking I should do something to update the look of my blog too, but it all seems a bit scary and time consuming.

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