Things for Baby Boys (A Virtual Baby Shower) – Baby Change Mat Liners

This post is part of the virtual baby shower for Abby from Things for Boys! She is due to have her baby boy in the next few weeks so some of her friends around the blogosphere have joined forces to make and share some gorgeous handmade newborn gifts. Best part – because I live so close to Abby I am the lucky one who gets to deliver them all in person! (Edit: I delivered them this afternoon! She was very shocked and excited. It was lovely to be there – I wish everyone else could have been there too!)

What do you make someone who has been sewing forever and has lots of baby stuff already? It took me ages to think of something and decide. I went for a practical gift. I’ve always used liners for my change mat, especially when the girls were tiny because there was often little accidents when the nappy came off for a change. My liners were just old style cloth nappies, but I thought I’d make some special ones for Abby.

To make 4-6 liners, you need at least a metre of a flannelette print (or cotton) and 1 metre of towelling. Personally, I find the towelling at my local store expensive and poor quality, so I bought a large white bath towel that was in the clearance area of the manchester department.

Cut your pieces to size – I used my own change mat as a guide and cut the towel and flannelette pieces 32cm wide and 52cm long (12″ x 21″).

Once you have your pieces cut, lay a piece of towel and a piece of flannel right sides together. If you wish, use a small dish or a CD and a washable fabric marker to mark curved corners.

Stitch your liners, leaving a hole for turning. Trim your edges.

 Turn your liners right side out and topstitch all the way around, making sure to stitch the turning hole closed.

You are done! Quick, simple and practical.

The flanelette is very soft and just gets softer with every wash – lovely for little bottoms. The towel is thick and absorbent and provides extra padding.

These liners could also double as burp cloths. Quilting cotton would be a great alternative to flanelette.

Congratulations Abby, Greg and Roman, I can’t wait to meet your new little man!

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Sewing for babies is SO much fun!

8 thoughts on “Things for Baby Boys (A Virtual Baby Shower) – Baby Change Mat Liners

  1. They look so lovely and soft Ros, I think they would make me smile every time I did a nappy change 🙂 And thank you for taking the gifts to Abby. It must have been fun to watch her open them!

  2. Simple and gorgeous gift Ros! I bet they will get tons of use, which makes it an even better gift. This was such an amazing idea and I am really in awe of all the lovely blog authors out there! You guys are the best. Abby is so deserving though <3

  3. Those fabrics are so cute and look so soft, perfect for a little baby the lie on. Such a great idea for a quick and useful gift, I'm definitely going to use it for gifts in the future. Thank you for taking all the gifts over today – it's been so fun planning this with everyone.

  4. This is such a good idea that I've already whipped one up!!!! 😀 I used a cloth nappy for the toweling part.
    Thanks for the tute! I love them!!!! xo

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