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It’s always fun to see people’s sewing and craft spaces. With the help of my father-in-law, I’ve finally got my space set up the way I want it. It’s still a work in progress – I think it always will be – but it’s become a lovely area for me to spend time in.

My sewing space is set up in a corner of our dining room. You can be assured that it isn’t often this neat! We live in a three bedroom weatherboard house which was built just prior to World War 2. It’s typical of many homes in Melbourne, and the floor plan is almost a carbon copy of the house my Grandparents lived in when I was growing up. We have a lot of period features including picture rails, which was a great help as we used them to hang the peg board. Being a three bedroom home, all bedrooms are accounted for and there is no study, so I don’t have a dedicated craft room.

The peg board is a new addition – my father-in-law Alan is a very talented woodworker and he made it for me. Apart from the peg board backing, all the other parts are made from recycled and reclaimed materials. A few months ago, my friend Amy sent me an email showing me this peg board she found on Pinterest. I showed the picture to Alan and voila! He made it for me! I wanted it modified for my own equipment so mine ended up looking quite different from the original. I’m really pleased with it – it keeps everything close to hand, but also keeps things away from little hands! I’ve also got lots of my vintage sewing items on display. I haven’t filled it completely, there are still things I need to add and change around, but all in good time.

No space is left unused – the side of the shelving unit is a home to my rulers, some stickers and lots of lovely cards sent to me by friends and swap partners. The desk and shelves I bought from Ikea.

On the top shelf I keep my small stash of craft books. I don’t have many but I use the ones I have quite often. The Crafty Minx by Kelly Doust really started things for me. By chance I went to Spotlight to buy something random – I hadn’t shopped there for years. I picked up a free magazine they had on the counter and read an interview about her. As a result, I bought her book and the simple projects in there really kick started my love of sewing. That was about three years ago. Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman Hale is another book on my shelf that I love and refer to often. I am ashamed to say that I’ve never made any of the projects from The Liberty Book of Home Sewing, but it is a beautiful book that showcases Liberty fabrics, which are classic and stunning. I love flicking through the pages just for the colours and designs.

I recently changed my fabric stash arrangements, and all my quilting cottons are now on display on my shelves. My big cupboard now houses my flannels, fleece and home dec fabrics, as well as my scrap basket and ever growing number of patterns.

So there you have it – Sew Delicious Head Quarters. I am looking at it right now and I have a lot of tidying up to do to get it back to looking like these pictures!

19 thoughts on “My Sewing Space

    1. Wait until just after you've had the baby Abby… wear a maternity shirt and sneak it out under that. And…. you can use baby as a distraction! haha.

  1. Love the pegboard!

    We are in a three bedroom too (company house with cheap rent), but with 3 kids, two of them had to share and well the third felt left out. So now they are all in the one room and I use half of the third bedroom as my sewing space and the kids use the other half as a playroom.

  2. That's it! I need to stop procrastinating and sort out my sewing space. I've moved my sewing table to the corner, rather than where it was right in the middle of the back wall… now I've just got to set up everything else around it so it's more organised. Do you think your father inlaw would come up here and make me a board like that? lol

  3. That is an amazing sewing space. You manage to produce so much in such a small space. Yep the pin board is a winner. I have been working on my sewing space for ages and it is getting closer to complete, with the reveal.

  4. love your sewing room, it took me 3 years to get mine like I want it & I still want to add things that just wont fit lol! love your machine cover, reminds me I need to finish mine, your space is very warm & inviting & has that aww i wantta be in here feeling!

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