Kid’s Clothes Week Plans

So FINALLY I am participating in Kid’s Clothes Week. I have been meaning to for about a year but it always sneaks up on me and I have nothing prepared.

Not this time! The girls really needed some new winter gear and it’s getting really cold here so the timing was good.

I have been super organised and I’ve cut everything already. I am on FIRE! Here is my plan:

If you’re with me on Facebook you will already have seen that ridiculous selfie of me wearing this hat! (yep I was amazed it fit too.) I got a head start on this project and it’s finished – the cozy winter hood from the Oliver & S book Little Things To Sew. I got the book as a gift from Mum & Dad for Christmas and this is the first project I’ve made from it. I used a purple polar fleece for the exterior and I had a tiny bit of that vintage squirrel print flannel (in the pic) that was from my late Grandmother-in-law’s stash. It was left over from this project. Lucy loves it and will be snug as a bug when we do the early morning kinder drop off!

I did some thrift shopping the other day and saw a pretty baby blanket made of a soft rose print jersey fabric. I had a brain wave and wondered if I would be able to manage to cut it so the edge of the blanket formed the hems and cuffs. For 99c I was happy to give it a go. Success! I just had enough for a size 3T from the skinny flashback tee pattern. Definitely a good way to buy jersey knit – the colours and styles in my local fabric store are pretty boring.

The last two items are the same pattern (from Tie Dye Diva) but one each for Anna and Lucy – a hooded vest.

The fleece will go on the inside and the rose print yellow flannelette on the outside. Anna chose this colour scheme (no surprises there!)

Lucy’s is the same but with a red riding hood flannelette on the outside and navy fleece on the inside.

So overall, not too ambitious, but I’d like to get it done without stress or pressure. If I finish all this before the week is over I will make another Oliver & S winter hat for Anna. But that’s it – I have quite a few other projects on the go at the moment too. (As usual!)

Are you participating? What are you making?

13 thoughts on “Kid’s Clothes Week Plans

  1. Can't wait to see all your projects at the end of the week Ros. And LOVE how the edging of the blanket works perfectly as a trim for the top! I get so excited when things like that just work so well for a refashion 🙂

  2. Well, this is the first time I've heard of Kid's Clothes Week but I'll watch from afar and remember it for next year. Too much on my plate to even contemplate joining in this year but I'll look forward to seeing the hooded vests. The fabric choices are so pretty. (You rocked the cozy hood by the way! LOL)

    Anne xx

  3. Well done for being so organised and precutting your projects. I only just heard of Kid's Clothes Week on the weekend, and while I'd love to take part, I think all I would be doing is spending my hour each day cutting out my pieces in between wrangling children (it's school holidays), which is not very exciting to blog about. Can't wait to see how your finished projects look.

    1. Ah lucky timing for me – school holidays finished a couple of weeks ago here so I can get a bit done when my eldest is at kinder and my youngest has her afternoon nap!

  4. I've attempted kids' clothes week a couple of times, but never succeeded in doing more than one item of clothing. I like your plan of attack… everything cut out and ready to go. That's the hardest part for me.

    1. You are right, I feel the same – preparing PDF patterns for the first time (printing/cutting/taping/copying) takes AGES (I like to be super neat and store them carefully so I don't have to print again), then cutting the fabric. So I didn't sew much for the past week, I just worked on getting my patterns and cutting sorted so I could sit down and enjoy the stitching this week!

  5. I'm a first timer too and a little excited! I always have the best intentions but this time it's a goal! I've just chosen my first project and will have it cut out tonight – A smock top for my daughter… A little ambitious but I'm aiming to have at least two things to show at the end of this week! Can't wait to see what you make 🙂

    Sophie xo

    1. Yay Sophie! I am quite excited about it, sometimes I avoid sewing clothes for the girls because of all the mucking around with patterns but making myself sit down and get it organised has made it easier!

  6. This is my second time around and I am definitely not as motivated as the first. BUT. I love the concept and I am keen to stitch for an hour a day 🙂

    The vests look great! I think I need some for my boys, but of course I will wait and see how yours turn out 🙂

  7. I love all you have done and plan to do. Everything just looks so comfy. Have fun sewing. When you get to rhis stage all of the "work" is behind you. Now it's play time. Anyway that's my opinion coming from a 55 yr old grandmama.

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