Handmade Gifts for Me!

This year I have participated in four handmade swaps. Yep – four! I think I am addicted to getting parcel deliveries full of lovely things!

Over the past few months I’ve gradually shared what I’ve made, and today I am featuring the beautiful gifts that some very talented ladies have kindly made and sent to me!

First up this year was the Pink Stitches Love Day Swap hosted by Bonnie. My partner was Julie from Ohio USA, and she sent me a lovely stash of love themed goodies.

The patchwork box shaped pouch is great, I’ve already used it so many times! I like to pack my phone and ipad charger in it when we go for weekends to my in-laws place. Julie also sent me some crafty bits and pieces including the trims and stickers in the picture, and a variety of rubber stamps and a pink ink pad.

The next swap was the Sweet Pouch Swap that I hosted. I shut my eyes and pointed at the computer screen so I could randomly assign myself a partner! My finger landed on Stacey from Maine, USA.

She sent me this gorgeous zip pouch made from an Amy Butler fabric. She added an elasticated wristlet and a little clasp which is attached to the selvedge – how cool? I love it. It’s a great size for popping some make up and other toiletries into my handbag. She also sent some delicious cherry and almond chocolate (which lasted about 5 minutes), some Lindt balls, some maple syrup sweets and and she wrote out a family recipe for Choc Chip Banana Bread which I have been meaning to try!

Next was the Little Pincushion Swap hosted by Lisa from Sweet Little Pretties. My partner was Kim from Wisconsin, USA. She made this amazing cathdral window pin cushion and she also made a beautiful little zip pouch for me with the name of my blog embroidered on it!

Kim added some Andes and York mints – what a treat – you can’t buy them here in Australia. I especially loved the York ones. Any of you want to become my regular supplier??

The pin cushion really is spectacular – I may have squealed when I opened the parcel!

And last but certainly not least was the Covert Robin swap. Melissa from Western Australia sent me this amazing pink and brown quilted table runner.

I love the modern blocks and although its hard to see in the pics, Melissa quilted it in the chocolate brown sections.

So a HUGE thank you to all my swap partners – all the gifts have been so beautifully made and I appreciate SO much all the effort you went to for me.

Not sure what I’ll sign up for next but I can tell you that the Sweet Pouch Swap will be happening again but there will be a few changes – watch this space 😉

15 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts for Me!

  1. Cute stuff, I just got in my first swap, fabric basket, and its pretty exciting from both the making side and the receiving side.

    1. You are very nice to say so, but I must say I've been pretty intimidated at times and have struggled to choose what to make for some swap partners! Especially when there is a flickr group for the swap and you get to check out the AMAZING stuff everyone else is making!

    1. Yvonne you should! I know of a few different ones that are coming up so follow me either here on the blog or on facebook as I always link and share them when I hear about them!

  2. Oh wow! Those gifts are lovely.
    Your swap was my first ever and I loved it. I think I would like to do more of them myself as making nice things for people is one of my favourite things to do and I loved receiving the items (icing on the cake). I liked that I was able to stalk the person I was making for in the sweet pouch swap and get an idea of her taste to make sure I made something that she would like. It was much trickier in the covert robin swap not knowing anything much despite searching. I discovered that I prefer to be able to look up the person as I enjoy being able to make something which is more likely to delight the recipient beyond the initial thrill of receiving something sweet in the post. It is just too stressful and takes some of the fun out if one is unsure if the recipient will like the item… who knew one could get anxious about making a great gift?

    1. Hi Dee, You are spot on – I find I get very stressed and nervous about sending swap gifts!! Especially when most partners I've had are much more experienced sewers than me! I like to know a few things about people too and check out their blogs and pinterest. The Sweet Pouch Swap will be happening again soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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