Geranium Dress for Anna

The girls are at that age now – what I do for one I MUST do for the other. They copy each other, want the same toys, squabble over things that there is only one of.

Lucy got her Geranium last month, and after weeks of pleading, Anna got her version.

I won’t be winning any styling awards in this post – the dress came straight out of the washing basket and wasn’t ironed – I’ve barely had a chance to take photos since I finished it as it has been on the wear-wash-wear-wash cycle from the minute I snipped the last stray thread.
Which honestly, I consider a bigger success than a fancy photo. She adores it and that makes me very happy.

The love heart print fabric is a Belleboo cotton I bought at Rathdowne Remnants. I felt that it might be a bit too much to make the entire dress from the print, so I went with a magenta solid for the bodice. If you are with me on facebook you might remember my button crisis – the decision between grey or pink buttons created much debate and over 70 comments (!!), but in the end I asked Anna. She chose pink – no surprises. They are a set of pretty vintage buttons from my immense thrifted button collection. The grey would have worked equally well but I like giving her input into the things I make her.

You can just get a peek at the seam that the interior of the bodice is made from a pale pink solid.

Like Lucy’s dress, I used the capped sleeves and pleated skirt options from the pattern. Lucy’s neckline had the little notch, but I left Anna’s with a rounded neckline. Toni-Maree from Sew Jereli recently made a gorgeous sleeveless version with a gathered skirt – that is why I love this pattern – so many variations!

There was a lot of mucking around during our little photo session!

The weather is cooling down and summer seems to be almost gone. Summer dresses are still de rigeur around here though, and to combat the cool mornings and evenings Anna wears leggings underneath. I think she’ll want to wear her dresses well into winter, so I think I better start looking for a good cardigan pattern! Any suggestions?

19 thoughts on “Geranium Dress for Anna

  1. She is soooo gorgeous! The red bodice looks great.
    The fact that she loves it is much more rewarding. 🙂

    I love the fact that what I make for my son, he actually wears it and tells everyone "mummy made this with her stitching one". LOL.

    <3 Thanks for the link… Gosh your a lovely lady!!!!!!

  2. I love it Ros. But more importantly, Anna loves it and that's what matters the most!
    I can't help you with a cardigan tute… I've just cut up one of Hannah's just too small long sleeve tops into a cardigan for the mornings as it is somewhere between hot and cold. If you find a tutorial… let me know 🙂
    Now I really think I should look at this pattern! I keep seeing it everywhere… I'm bowing to peer pressure!!! haha

  3. Ooooh, your little girls are so cute Ros. A lovely dress. I think it would look great with a little skivvy underneath too with tights. Love it when they have a favourite dress. You'll have to keep that one for when she's older.

    Anne xx

  4. A lovely dress.
    Now for winter accessories. Time to get creative and to use those maths skills. Draw a loose pattern yourself for a simple jacket.
    Why not hop along to an op shop and find a big lady's cardigan in a pink shade. Grab some left over scraps from the girls' dresses. Experiment and cut out sleeves and fronts from the cardigan. Use your fabric scraps to cover stains and fuzzy patches. Patchwork the other pieces of the jackets. Embellish with buttons and ribbons that the girls choose. In next to no time you will have coordinating jackets for several garments.

  5. oooh very gorgeous Ros!! So clever with the dress-making, and Anna looks so very happy! Welcome to the buying-two-of-everything era! My two are 25 months apart – what's the gap between yours? To be honest, the buying-two does make life much easier – as does the fact that my two wear the same size clothes – I just try to buy different colours. But stuff like leggings, hats, shoes, jeans – the same. They love it. They choose to dress similarly very often, and love being mistaken for twins.

    I can even remember the moment our two-of-everything started – I'd borrowed one of those red and yellow Little Tikes cars from the toy library when the girls were maybe 1.5 and 3.5 – lugged it home, and then the pushing, shoving, determined bottom-sliding for the driver's seat started. They had NEVER squabbled over anything. So I pushed the toy car into the bathroom, shut the door, rang the toy library and asked if they had another, so I could borrow that too OR I would have to return the one I already had. I have a gorgeous pic above my sewing desk, of the two of them, sitting side by side in their Little Tikes cars, watching TV. They've rarely squabbled over anything since (hmmmmm because they have an enabling-buy-two-of-everything mother … :-D) x

  6. That is very pretty and I think when they want to wear something as soon as it comes out of the wash it's a big winner. What little girl wouldn't want pink buttons, she's so cute!

    I used to have the can't do one without the other with my boys at that age…Don't want to scare you but mine at least, still haven't grown out of it 😛

  7. I love the dress! But I need a pattern for a beginner, the baby is three month so grandma (me) wants to make a six month old dress. That gives me three months to figure it out! Got any suggestions? I can sew a quilt but never made clothes in my life. Will you help me pick a simple pattern, you make it look so easy. It is just spring here so it will be close to summer.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your lovely comment! I think this one would be perfect for a six month old –
      The pattern and tutorial is free and I find these little pinnies are great for beginners (they were one of the first dresses I made for my girls) and as they grow they can wear them as little tops over leggings. Happy sewing – let me know how you go 🙂
      Ros x

  8. Gosh, love that dress. Those buttons on the back – gah! Gorgeous! Yes, my girls are at that stage too – everything has to be THE SAME, right down to the same squirt of sauce on a plate. Really!? I guess this is how it is…!

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