Cooking The Books

I was chatting on the phone to my Dad last week and he said ” Now Ros. About the blog. The sewing is great but you know I’m more interested in the food. You haven’t cooked anything for ages!” (untrue – I cook every night but it gets devoured before I can photograph it. Plus my food styling skills are not great.)

So this one is for you Dad! Gotta keep 50% of my male readership happy! (My husband makes up the other 50%)

Today I’m a guest over at Things For Boys for Abby’s Cooking The Books Series. I’ve reviewed a recipe from Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals – it’s a real winner for kid friendly food.

Check out all the details in the full post here!

2 thoughts on “Cooking The Books

  1. I have just blogged about another of Jamies 15 min meals – the vege couscous. It was yummy but took me longer too as I had to pick and clean the veges first.

  2. You're so lucky! My husband decided long ago he wouldn't bother reading my blog 😀 Of course it does mean that I can blog about just how much fabric I own lol

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