Another Hoodie Vest & Upcycled Tee

I’m done and dusted for Kid’s Clothes Week – I achieved the goals I set myself, made one extra item, and got some quilting projects done this week! It feels great to be so productive.

Here are the last two garments, both for Lucy.

Exactly the same as Anna’s hoodie vest, except this one is size 2 and I used a woodland print flannelette and a navy blue fleece. I mucked up this one by leaving a turning hole in the outer fabric rather than the lining – argh – but some nifty ladder stitch saved the day!

It is very roomy on Lucy but I’ve made a size up for both the girls with pretty much everything for KCW – I want to get a couple of years out of each item if I can. Lucy is tall for her age but quite slender so most things are roomy on her anyway – she usually grows out of clothing lengthwise first.

Best part about using snaps for these hoodies – they make them totally reversible!

And lastly,  I managed to get an extra item done – another upcycled tee. Not without drama  – I broke an overlocker needle and then had to re-thread the whole machine. Ugh. I used an old baby blanket that I’ve had languishing up the back of the linen cupboard. This one was made from two layers of jersey, so it will be a lovely cosy tee for winter.

Hello doggy in the window! Cheeky thing.

The blanket I used was a rectangular one and I didn’t have quite enough fabric for full sleeves, so I made 3/4 sleeves instead. The pink and purple trim on the blanket is lovely and adds a great finishing touch to the cuffs and hem.

And with that t-shirt, my KWC adventures have come to an end. It was a great motivator and so fun to see what other people were sewing up for their kids.

If you haven’t seen it already, you MUST check out Abby’s adorable Peter Rabbit jacket that she made for her little boy. The faux brass buttons came from my stash – it was lovely getting a sneak peek of the jacket on Friday when she popped over to my place to pick them up.

So now what? Some quilting projects, a couple of newborn baby gifts, and some browsing around blogs and Pinterest for the perfect quilt pattern for my Tsuru bundle. My sew along is also in pipe line – if you are keen to try a small scale quilting project, this sew along will be perfect.

How did KCW finish up for you?

14 thoughts on “Another Hoodie Vest & Upcycled Tee

  1. Awesome Ros, you've done so well! I love everything you've made. And thanks for alerting me to Abby's Peter Rabbit Coat – how cute is that? I don't know how I managed to miss it! x

  2. Awesome effort Ros. Love the 'photo bomber' in the window. How much? (Get it? How much for that doggie in the window? LOL I'm so lame, I know.) Sadly, as I look at my sewing machine on the floor in the dining room and the pile of fabric waiting to be sewn and the mending to be done, I can find relief in the work I did yesterday to prepare the space downstairs for my sewing area. I might even be able to join in the next KCW (and pigs might fly)! LOL

  3. You were on fire to KCW. I only managed to get 3 pairs of PJ pants made. And I haven't even had a chance to blog them yet.

    My Mum was here though so I couldn't spend every free moment locked in my sewing room 😛

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