Summer Sewing Retrospective

Autumn is here. And thank goodness – it’s been a HOT summer in Melbourne. Still many more crazy hot days to come but the days are getting shorter, the mornings are a bit cooler and Easter is fast approaching.

This past week hasn’t been a good one for me. I am my own worst critic. Very hard on myself, and highly stressed when things don’t go my way. I want to sew ALL THE THINGS but I have very limited time. Being a Mum is my day time job and between nap time, kindergarten drop off and pick up, grocery shopping, cooking and tidying up endless toys, I only have small windows of time for sewing during the week. I want to sew in the evenings but I find that we put the kids to bed and I am so exhausted, collapsing on the couch to some crappy TV and a few chapters of Game of Thrones is all I can manage. Last week I mucked up a project and felt horrendous about it. I took it so personally – there may have been tears. (If only I was so dedicated to housework!) Lucky my husband is good at bringing me back down to earth and making me see that it’s all good and easily fixed.

So inspired by Suz’s latest post over at Sewpony, I’ve decided looking back at my achievements over summer is just what I need, rather than focusing on the all things I haven’t done yet.

Clockwise from left: One of my favourite projects ever, my Quilted Sewing Machine Cover; Anna’s Ariel the Mermaid dress that I made her for Christmas; a baby boy gift set for Lewis; the quilt-as-you-go iPad cover; and the Ruffle Butt Nappy Cover for Pippa.

Clockwise from top left: Zipper Pouch for my Sweet Pouch Swap partner; my first quilt for Lucy; chrevron baby gift set for baby Stella; hosting the Sweet Pouch Swap; patchwork zip pouch. (Can you tell the quilting bug has bitten over this past few months!?)

Clockwise from top left: Quilted Mat for the Pink Stitches Love Day Swap; my cute girls and Lucy wearing a dress I haven’t blogged about yet; Marmalade Quilt for baby Mabel, born last Thursday (squeee! She is totally cute and I had newborn cuddles with her on Friday!); heart embroidered zip pouch for the PS Love Day Swap; wet bags made from oil cloth.

So when you look at it like that, I have actually had a very busy summer. Two quilts!! Wow. And when I look at this collection, I really see that my skills have improved a lot. I think delving into patchwork has refined a few things, made me more careful, and in some ways, made me more creative.

Note to self: stop being so harsh on yourself and just keep swimming! (Ah, Dory. So much wisdom!)

16 thoughts on “Summer Sewing Retrospective

  1. Definitely don't be hard on yourself! You've done heaps in the last few months!!! I know the feeling though.
    I think you need to change that note to self to just keep "sewing" 😉

  2. I think it's Summer too, I was ready to chuck it all in 2 weeks ago, the heat here has been unbearable. Also the kinder year I think is the hardest, it's so busy and you always seem to be on the way out. Try and relax, everyone mucks stuff up (and cries) You have done many beautiful projects in spite of the crazy heat.

  3. Well done ros! Your projects are awesome! There is always more to do but remember, it's only sewing!(I have to tell myself this too) x

  4. You've sewn HEAPS, Ros, especially given that two of your projects were quilts… and your first ones at that. I totally remember how you feel, trying to squeeze in sewing time. However, even when you do have more time in years to come, you'll still have projects that don't work out… well, I do anyway. Do what you did today, and put all your projects together and then … Wow!!!

  5. You have totally achieved a TONNE!! They all look beautiful. Stop being hard on yourself and celebrate your achievements. Not to say we can't all learn from our mistakes too though (man I used my quick unpick to the max yesterday!!).


  6. I've kinda been having a similar time myself except we are deep in winter here and I'm blaming that! I also relate to just needing to relax after caring for kids and household work all day! 🙂 You've made some very pretty things, thanks for reminding me to focus on that too!

  7. Oh I like this idea! I see a lot of beautiful projects. Love all the bright colors you use. I still can't get over you calling dec-feb summer when it's winter over here. So weird how the world works!

  8. I totally get you. My blog has been distinctly craft free this summer as I am knackered by the time the kids go to bed. Also all the camping means I am constantly either unpacking or repacking!!

  9. Your post spoke to my heart tonight. I've spent too much of today looking around at my trashed house – partly from being out of power and water from snowstorms, but partly because I've been sewing, and I can't seem to make time for everything. I'm a single mom to a little girl, I work full-time at a demanding job, I have a huge commute on the days that I work, and I can't seem to juggle everything. I have to do my job, I have to care for my daughter (and yes, I want to as well ::smile::), I need to keep my home in some kind of order, but I NEED to be creative too. As someone above commented, I have to remind myself that "it's just sewing." Even if it feels like a necessity at times. I guess I just wanted you to know that I get it. One day at a time, one project at a time. In the end, whatever brings peace is what matters, right? 🙂 Thank you for the lovely inspirations (and thank you for the Sweet Pouch swap – I had a great time!)

    1. I know exactly what you mean when you say you NEED to be creative! If I don't sew for a while I get very twitchy fingers! Thanks so much for being part of the swap, it's been so much fun! x

  10. oh my gosh, we are twins. I want to sew ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME. But life gets in the way. I am so very blessed to have being a mother, and our little design business, as my day job. Very, very blessed. But I still want to sew ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME. My to-make list is a mile long, and growing every day. I love your Summer retrospective. I would make one if I had the first clue how to. My learn-about-technology list is an endless sea of mystery though. And it falls behind the sewing-to-make list.

    I am with you on the tears. So go you, for all the gorgeous things you have made, for all the lovely sewing to come, for being an awesome mother, and for knowing about the technology things too. x

  11. Wow! You had a busy summer! I am afraid if I did a wrap up post I wouldn't be able to share much! I think I completed two things all summer! But I am making up for it already in autumn!

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