Geranium Dress for Lucy

You’ve probably seen pictures of the Geranium Dress already – it’s another of Rae’s great patterns and I knew it would be perfect for my girls once I noticed a few popping up around sewing blog land. There are several different options you can choose with this pattern, and for my first attempt I went with the notched neckline and pleated skirt with pockets.

 I’ve recently bought a bunch of new fabric but I settled on a simple grey with pink polka dots. I’ve made quite a few dresses for the girls with loud prints so I was keen to try something a bit more understated. I’m glad I did, I really love the polka dots for this dress.

I auditioned pink buttons which just didn’t fit, grey didn’t pop and I couldn’t find a contrasting colour that worked, so when I found these wooden ones in my huge tin of thrifted buttons I felt they worked the best. I think it gives the dress a kind of Scandinavian feel? Maybe? I’m not really sure what Scandinavian style is (apart from Ikea!) but understated and wooden tones seem to fit the bill.

I had huge trouble getting my little model to do this photo shoot – she would not cooperate until I allowed Baby (the care bear) into all the photos!

The pattern was great and extremely detailed. It took me a while to prepare and sew but I find sewing a pattern for the first time always does because I am careful to follow the instructions and make sure everything is right before I cut the fabric, and then again before I sew each step. The only thing I wasn’t 100% happy about was the back – the back seam is so lovely with the stitching up the middle, but the line of it then overlaps at the top once you fasten the buttons. Perhaps next time I will sew in a zipper like Rachael did with her awesome Cowgirl Geranium.

Next time I will also do a line of top stitching just above the bodice-skirt seam rather than stitching in the ditch – I wasn’t overly happy with my stitch in the ditch effort! But I love how all the seams in the bodice are enclosed and the interior of the dress is so neat and tidy.

I like that this design lends itself to a casual dress or something more dressy for a special occasion – it’s all in the fabric choice. There are a lot of variation options so I’ll be able to make quite a few different dresses from the one pattern.

Other gorgeous Geraniums I’ve seen are this one by Kristin from Skirt As Top for the Kids Clothes Belgian Style series over on StraightGrain and this cute apple print version by Suz from Sewpony. Suz has been giving me lots of inspiration lately!

And on a personal note – how gorgeous are these pictures of my girl? So glad blogging makes me get the camera out more often, I’ve got so many lovely shots of my two as a result! Better print a bunch of copies for the Grandparents and Great Grandparents 🙂

14 thoughts on “Geranium Dress for Lucy

  1. She looks so sweet! This understated print is perfect, I think, and the wooden buttons are a fun touch. I've made a couple Geraniums for our little girl and it really is a great pattern, though I agree about that back seam. Not sure I'm ready to tackle a zipper back there, though!

  2. Lovely ros! I agree with the back- I had the same prob with overlap of pleats. I actually omitted the back opening in the skirt for my 2nd and 3rd dress. The button opening in bodice was enough. Less fiddly I found x

  3. This is gorgeous in the polka dots! I have been seeing this dress everywhere lately… the only thing stopping me from buying the pattern is the fact that my girls already have FAR too many dresses.

  4. A gorgeous dress, Ros!!! The little notch in the neckline really adds to the appeal of the dress and I think the pleats make for a great casual look. I'd go with topstitching, too. If you're out by a mm or two, it won't show, but with stitching in the ditch it will. I'm getting better at stitching in the ditch, but it's never 100%, I have to concentrate so hard and I'm slow doing it.

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