Birthday Gift Skirt

Anna’s best friend from kindergarten, Chloe, celebrated her 4th birthday last week. Her party was this past weekend, and I like to give home made gifts where I can. When I asked her, she said her favourite colours were green and pink. This is what I came up with:

Ages ago when my friend Jenny had a feature for Owly Baby patterns on her blog, I bought the Double Dutch skirt pattern using a coupon code. I’ve been meaning to use it for so long, but sometimes you need to wait for the right excuse to come up! So this is the first skirt I’ve made using the Double Dutch pattern.

The fabrics I’ve used are a butterfly / floral cotton poplin print and green polka dot cotton, both from my local Spotlight. I thought the small amount of green in the floral print and the green in the dot worked together really nicely, and perfect for a little girl who loves both pink and green!

The pattern was great! Really easy and clear to follow with pictures for each step. I did have some trouble with the waistband – it seemed way to big after I had gathered my skirt layers, so I had to cut it down. No fault of the pattern, I think I wasn’t careful enough when I cut the pieces. I also make my gathers using my overlocker, so maybe I gathered the skirt too much? Not sure, but it all worked out in the end.

Anna was pretty thrilled when she saw this skirt and I think there was a glimmer of disappointment when I told her it was for Chloe, so looks like I’ll be making another one really soon!

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  1. That is such a cute skirt. I would love to find the pattern and make one for my little granddaughter. She would look so cute in it too. I like your fabric combinations. Isn't it fun to mix and match? The results are so fun!

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