Love Heart Cake

It was Anna’s birthday last week and to celebrate we had a lunch with a small group family and close friends on Sunday to celebrate. She has recently discovered a love for dim sims so we went to Yum Cha which delicious and lots of fun.

The brief was: a ‘lub heart’ cake with pink and sprinkles please Mum.

This one was very much a home style cake. I know I’ve made much fancier cakes in the past, with professional piped icing and decorating, but this time I went for a more rustic, easy approach. (aka I didn’t have much time and I had a bunch of other stuff to do!)

I also had a bit of a baking fail. I must have knocked the oven dial somehow – I have a fan forced oven that bakes cakes nicely at 170C. After a while baking it was giving off a burnt smell – I checked the oven and it was set to over 200C! Eek! The outer edge was a bit burnt so I ended up cutting all the edges off and trimming the cake down.

I can’t take credit for the musk stick border (which I love, mainly because musk sticks are a huge favourite of mine!) My friend Anne from Domesblissity shared a picture of a cake she made for her daughter’s birthday a few months ago. She used the musk sticks around the edge and I loved how it looked so I copied her 🙂 I used little candy hearts for the four, which I got at a specialty lolly shop at my local shopping centre, and the finished the edge with sprinkles, as per Anna’s instructions.

A big discovery during this cake baking project was Abby’s pan coat to grease the cake tin, which was not a non-stick tin. She gave me some the other day to try – the recipe is on her blog here – it was brilliant! I just brushed it on my cake tin and not one single crumb stuck. If you bake a lot you MUST make up a batch.

One happy girl and one yummy cake which didn’t last long. Especially with my father-in-law around-  I think he had four slices!

12 thoughts on “Love Heart Cake

  1. Oh Ros! It looks just beautiful. So does little Anna. Thanks so much for the shout out. I can't remember where I got the idea from for the musk sticks. I'm sure I got it from somewhere. I don't have an original idea in my head! LOL

    (Might have to make one of these for the kidlets for Valentine's day.)

    Anne xx

    1. The pink stick lollies in the picture – usually they are longer, I cut them for the cake. They are pretty much a stick made of sugar, usually pink and they have a musk flavour. They are very sweet, but very yum and addictive!

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  3. I made a love heart cake last week too. It was very pink with sprinkles as per the brief from Mahli.

    Your cake looks great and Anna looks absolutely delighted by it!

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