Interview: Jenny from Mend & Make New

It’s been forever since I’ve done an interview, and it’s great to be able to bring them back! I love being able to share awesome creative people and their talents with you!

Today I’m excited to welcome my bloggy friend Jenny from Mend & Make New. I discovered Jen’s blog ages ago via the Creative Spaces link party. I was instantly drawn to her style and sewing projects and her kiddos are totally gorgeous too! We’ve since become friends and hopefully we will meet in real life some day – we went to NZ last year but only to the South Island. Next time we will be going North for sure!

In Jen’s own words:
I live in the beautiful Hawkes Bay, New Zealand with my husband, Andrew and our two kidlets, Noah, 4,  and Isabelle, 2. We also have a new arrival coming sometime in May! I love pistachio nuts, grapefruit juice and a good eggs benedict and am a
bit of a night owl. I also enjoy going to craft markets, school fairs,
garage sales and op shops.

Is sewing a hobby you have had since you were young or has it been something you have come to as an adult?
My Mum is a keen sewer and I she got me an ancient black Singer (basically an antique) so I could sew along side her when I was a kid. But I had a very short attention span for sewing at the time and left a trail of unfinished projects in my wake. Because of that, it’s only been in the last few years (actually since I started having kids) that I really got into sewing. I found sewing for my kids was a good way to get back into it, since the projects are less time consuming than sewing for yourself, and the results are so rewarding.

 Is/was your paid job or educational background creative?
Not at all! I’m trained as a lawyer!

What types of projects do you enjoy creating the most?
As I said above, I really enjoying sewing for my kids. I’ve really enjoyed using knit fabric a bit recently and also love to dabble in quilting.

 What are your favourite sewing tools and materials?
I LOVE my overlocker/ serger… I’ve had it about a year now and I absolutely love it. Recently, I’ve been enjoying using freezer paper in sewing and craft projects. It makes great stencils and if you trace a pattern onto it, it makes a great iron on template that can be used again and again. It helps you to cut out really accurately and you don’t need to pin your pattern! It’s a life saver!

Name your favourite sewing inspirations.
I get a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers especially the likes of Dana from MADE, Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional, Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe (and Ros from Sew Delicious, of course!) Thanks Jen πŸ™‚

More close to home, my Mum has to be one of my biggest sources of inspiration (she made so much of our clothes when we were kids) and one of my best friend’s Rachelle. Rachelle helped me with a lot of handy sewing techniques when I was first getting back into sewing, and her level of professionalism is amazing.

How do you balance your sewing / creative projects and blogging with your β€˜real life’ eg. Paid work, family?
It can be a difficult balance to strike. I use my blog to motivate me with my sewing and other craft projects, but try to remember that sometimes I need to step away to spend quality time with my kids. After all, there is no use them having great wardrobes full of hand sewn garments, but a Mum that’s stuck to the sewing machine/ computer, is there? Because of this I try to ‘steal’ snippets of time when the kids are sleeping/ at kindy etc for the bulk of my sewing and blogging time.
I’ve just started doing a bit of paid work (part time, from home) for my husband’s business; with this combined with a bit of pregnancy tiredness – I’ll just have to see how it all fits in.

What other creative pursuits do you enjoy?
I’ve done a small bit of crochet and knitting, but would like to do more and I’ll pretty much try anything if I get half the chance!

Thanks so much Jen!! Make sure you check out her lovely blog and give her some facebook love!

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  1. Great to see the return of the Needle & Thread Interviews!!!
    I've been following Jenny for quite some time now. It's nice to find out a little bit more πŸ™‚

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