Custom iPhone Cases

What do you when you can’t find something you like? Well, if you are me, you make it!

I had been on the hunt for a new phone case for ages, mine was cracked and all the corners were broken off. Then my friend Mel from Mellywood’s Mansion shared how she made a custom Christmas iPhone case. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! We used this tutorial by How to Nest for Less.

I chose some awesome Amy Tangerine scrapbooking paper and bought some clear cases on eBay for peanuts. Making them took about ten minutes – you just need some scissors and an exacto knife.

Pink chevron (which is the case I’m using right now). 

And these cool retro cameras (which is the case I’ve had on for the past couple of months)

I love that I can change them as often as I like and it costs me virtually nothing except the price of a piece of pretty paper!

So thanks Mel for the great tip! If you don’t have an iPhone I am sure you could purchase clear cases for any smart phone.

What have you made when you couldn’t find anything you liked?

7 thoughts on “Custom iPhone Cases

  1. What!? How did I not know this could be done? I've been using the same case for more than a year. Not because I'm in love with it, but because I can't find anything I like. I'm so doing this soon. Thank you for sharing!

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