Sweet Pouch Swap – some more info

OK – deep breath – a bit nervous! Here is my first ever You Tube video – me chatting to you about the Sweet Pouch Swap.

The iPad was at a slightly funny angle and when I watched it back I realised you could see right up my nose…oh well. I didn’t want to retake it because I felt like I’d actually remembered everything I wanted to say!

Enjoy 🙂

I just realised I forgot to include the Czech Republic!

There is still time to sign up – just fill out the form HERE

21 thoughts on “Sweet Pouch Swap – some more info

  1. Love ya work Ros…great video. I know what you mean about being nervous on video (although you were so pro…couldn't tell there were any nerves).
    I wish I could participate in the swap, but I can't sew 🙁

    Enjoy…it's such a great idea.
    xx Marnie

  2. Bravo Ros! Just perfect. You didn't look nervous at all. How exciting that Latvia is in it. That's where my Dad was born. I love how the swaps introduce you to people in the world you would normally never meet.

    Getting excited.

    Anne xx

  3. Ros, how did I miss that you are an Aussie!! As soon as I heard you speak, I realised you weren't American (as I had wrongly assumed). Woohoo. It is silly I know, but there just aren't enough of us Aussie bloggers.
    Great video. I am looking forward to the swap.

  4. Oh, I can't wait to work day end so I can just run to fabric stores and pick the best fabric for my swap partner! :)) Very, very excited! 🙂

  5. When I saw your email this morning with my partner's details in it I got to work straight away and I'm ready to mail! I can't wait to hear if she likes it!

    Thank you for organising this, it's so fun! xx

  6. I love your voice! It makes me smile to hear your awesome accent.
    Great job with your first video! I vote for more to come.

  7. oh yay, fab video Ros!! I wouldn't have the first clue how to make a youtube video – though my girls are quite obsessed with watching dancing cats and Taylor Swift song-parodies on youtube, so perhaps we should learn to make our own!

    Congratulations on creating such an awesome swap – I've been loving looking at everyone's pins on pinterest, and gathering ideas for the pouch I'm going to make.

    It's been so lovely getting to know you on instagram and through the blog – I'm going to add your blog to our blogroll, so I always see when you've posted! take care, Catherine.

  8. Hello Rose. I should be a memeber of this SWAP but I haven't got swap partner via my mail. Please, check. Thank you, with best regards from Slovenia,

  9. oh totally adorable video… what fun! i'm just taking a deep breath and going to head to my craft room to go make a sample pouch. if it works, awesome, but if it's not perfect, i get a pouch out of the deal and get to make a second to go to my partner!!

  10. Love your work…and the video…no worries, you did great. I would love for you to do more videos…I am a definite amateur at sewing but I love it and your blog is so helpful! Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming! Officially subscribed to your youtube channel! Thanks Ros!!!!

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