Now We Are Four!

This time four years ago I was lying in a hospital bed, feeling a bit shell shocked after finally having my baby girl – two weeks overdue on a 40C (104F) day.

Feels like a lifetime ago and it also feels like yesterday!

I’ve been looking through some photos of her, she used to be so small! (Well, sort of – she was over 9lbs when she arrived!)

Now she is starting kindergarten this week and wrote her name for the first time yesterday. So grown up!

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, Anna Rose! xoxox

17 thoughts on “Now We Are Four!

  1. Happy birthday Anna! Oh mummy how are you feeling about kindergarten starting. It just goes so quickly. Great to watch them grow and learn but a little sad at the same time

    Madeleine is 3 tomorrow but I was booked in for today and then they cancelled due to emergency c sections.

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