Win A Fisher-Price Stand Up Ballcano *closed*

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When you have a second (or third, fourth, fifth…) baby, they rarely get anything new. Clothes, books and toys are mostly hand me downs from their older sibling, especially if like me you have two siblings of the same sex. I was very excited for Lucy when the Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ arrived on our door step – something special and brand new, just for her.

With her ever watchful and protective pooch observing in the background, Lucy had a brilliant time playing with it. It took me a little bit of time to set up, but being a pretty handy DIYer, a Philips head screwdriver and 3 x AA batteries sorted it out pretty quickly. Lucy was super keen to get her hands on it – there may have been some huge excitment followed by an impatient tantrum after the Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ arrived!

Open it NOW Mummy!

Once it was set up, I sat back and watched. Lucy is 18 months old now so she is at a stage where developments are happening everyday and she picks up new things constantly. I wondered how long it would take her to work out how to use it.

The Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ is designed for the child to fill up the centre with colourful balls.  The child then activates the centre console using the roller ball or character on the side, causing a huge eruption. The balls spill down the side legs of the toy and the lights and music accompanying the eruption cause much excitement and encourage the baby to continue filling the centre and activating the eruption.

She quickly worked out how to activate the music by moving the little character tab on the side. Lots of dancing and clapping happened, then she spied the roller toy on top. She pushed it and WHAM! Ball eruption! Cue lots of squealing, clapping and hysterical laughter. It was hilarious to watch!

Once she realised she could make the balls erupt, she was addicted! It was really interesting to observe her chase the balls and pick them up to start the eruption process all over again. It is a great toy for hand eye coordination and ball handling skills. Lucy is already a confident walker, but for smaller babies who are pulling themselves up and learning to stand, this would be a brilliant choice.

With perfect timing for Christmas, one of my lovely readers will win a Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™! Just leave a comment telling me why the little person in your life would love one and I’ll choose a winner. Be creative with your answer! You must be an Australian resident to enter, and make sure you leave your email details so I can contact the winner. The competition closes on 16/12/12 at 8pm AEST. Check out the full terms & conditions here. Competition now closed.

30 thoughts on “Win A Fisher-Price Stand Up Ballcano *closed*

  1. My little person is number 5, poor Max has worn more pink things in his life than any proud young man should. Max is now approaching his second Christmas all he hopes for is that he will never again be placed in pink pj's and that Santa's elves will send him a Fisher Price Stand Up Ballcano.

  2. My 10mo has two older brothers and four older nephews. By the time the snowball that is our family chain of hand-me-downs hits him he really doesn't need anything. It would be lovely for him to have something new and shiny all of his own and as he is just starting to stand up this would be perfect for him!

  3. Oh wow, this would be perfect for my little 10 month old. He is standing up all the time, and it would be rad to have a toy to play with standing up! Another toy for him to show off with!!

    talia (@)

  4. This would be the gift that gives thrice in my household! 20 month old M would love it – she's obsessed with balls and toys that 'do stuff', which in turn would entertain my 6 week old P, who is obsessed with her big sister, which in turn would free up my hands for a few minutes at a time. And after hours, I feel it might hold a plate on top in lieu of the coffee table we no longer have due to Toddler-Take-Over… WIN WIN WIN!

    Lucy looks like she's having a blast with it too!

  5. I too have a little Lucy and she is the second girl so like you not many new things! She has a lot of hand me downs from her big sister and is a little bit on the lazy side! She is just 8mths and has only just learnt to stand up if we are holding her hands! She hasn't started to crawl yet or even look like she will anytime soon so this balcano would be a fabulous Christmas present to her hopefully encouraging her to stand and maybe even crawl to it if her big sister started to play with it! Thank you for the chance to win!


  6. Ohh lovely. If I won this it would go straight to the Pool Room – of my Sister and Brother in Law. Their little boy would love it I am sure. Anything with balls that shoot out of a toy is a winner.

  7. I have two darking daughters, a 5mo and a 20mo. Toys that my toddler can play with by herself are a godsend while I'm busy feeding, cleaning, or even trying to score 5 minutes for a hot cup of tea! Unfortunately our toy cupboard is fairly bare other than a thousand teddies so winning this would be a lifesaver!

  8. My kids would love to play with this, would help them choose which fruit to eat…put an apple, orange, mandarin and nectarine on the top, whichever hits the bottom first gets eaten first!

  9. What a great offer! I have two children aged 4 and just over 1.5. My poor little girl has had almost no new toys of her own, it is always her big brother's toys that she plays with. She is happy to play with all those cars etc but it would be lovely to have a brand new toy of her own that she can share with her brother as well. She is at a stage this toy would just mesmerise her for a while and I can already imagine the beautiful cheeky smile on her!

  10. Mama loves to read and sew,
    I love to play and am go-go-go!
    Please give Mama a break & me a treat,
    Fisher Price Stand Up Ballcano would be so sweet!

    Inspired by little Miss One ;D

  11. There is a twisty turny toddler,
    Each day she wakes to find,
    Some new mischief to get into,
    She's too cute for me to mind!
    A bright, fun, noisy ball toy,
    Something different in our day,
    A toy as twisty and fun as she,
    Would be wonderful I say!

    Awesome review and giveaway 🙂

  12. My 18 month old son would love this… He adores anything that involves playing with balls! Being he third boy in the family he has lots of hand me down toys… He is however delighted with this!
    Karen x
    Karen dot mcneil at optusnet dot com dot au

  13. My little Ruffian, Lilli May (18mths), would lose her mind if she was lucky enough to win this wonderful Fisher Price toy. Not just because of all the music, noise and movement that it has, but because as she is learning how to count and currently goes 1,2,3 8,9..this toy has SIX balls so it will help with that slight miscount that she has. LOL PLUS, and lets be honest here, she will love to climb/hide under it, hide the balls and then play "watch Mummy look for them", put sticky foody fingers all over it and again enjoy playing "watching Mummy clean it again", run the batteries down in it and play "watch Mummy try and find other unused toys to take the batteries out of to replace them" AND climb all over it!! SO it has SO many more activities than those just described on the box! And it means I get to play too!

  14. This would be perfect for my 8 month old who has just started pull herself up 🙂
    She is very quickly discovering that her energetic 2 year old brother isn't the most stable thing to hold on to! I could just see all 3 of my kids standing around this giggling at the balls coming out, it's so cute watching them all play together and I would love a toy that encourages them to do it more!

  15. My boy is an active little one with an erupting kind of happiness. He needs lots of sensory input and he can get this from one toy ! He loves a good fiddle and to work out how things work so will be fun watching him work it out on his own.

  16. When Mother's Group visits my house we have a lot of fun,
    We try to take the children outside to run wild in the sun.
    Our play area though is rather bare,
    With very few toys for my son to 'share'
    How exciting it would be to have the balls pop out,
    I could imagine Ellie scream with joy and shout.
    Ben he would start to wiggle and dance,
    And Brie would join in- given half the chance.
    What a busy crew they would be,
    While us Mums enjoyed a cup of tea!
    russellcathryn at

  17. I want to win this for my little miss because you can never have enough Fisher Price toys in the house. Even though I am constantly picking up toys, if its Fisher Price I know it's a brand I trust, it's colourful, educational and hard wearing. It's the brand that never let's you down.

  18. Instead of smearing sudocream all over floors and walls
    This fisher price toy would save the day with all its coloured balls
    The child would be entertained, the dog would think it's ace
    And mum could have a cup of tea and just a little space.

  19. My little man would adore this!! Playing with this, would surely help strengthen his legs so he will be able to stand and hopefully encourage him to walk. At 19 months he is still not able to stand by himself, and no where near walking.

  20. My little person is my 8 month old son! He is already standing and unbelievably active which means a mission to entertain and keep his attention! This would no doubt keep him entertained while he is on his feet – the ball fun might even take his attention away from the baubles on the christmas tree!

  21. My gorgeous little nephew has lived off hand-me-downs from his 4 year old twin cousins, he belongs to a one working parent family and they cannot afford to buy him new toys and outfits. With Christmas and his 1st birthday approaching I would love to be able to surprise him with such a fantastic and educational toy, now that he is almost 12 months he is always looking for something to play with or pull himself up with. Plus it would provide a nice break to mum who can sit back and watch him play while enjoying a nice cup of tea, they both would love it. 🙂

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