Sewing for Babies

One of my FAVOURITE things to do is sew for new babies. There has been a bit of a baby boom amongst our friends lately so I’ve been having some fun doing lots of sewing for tiny people.

The gifts I’m sharing today were made for little cutie Lewis who is about 3 weeks old. One of the things I love about sewing for bubs is choosing fabric with the parents in mind. What would they like? Are they traditionalists (blue/pink), do they love a more unisex style (grey/red), should I go for cute prints or simple patterns like chevrons or polka dots? Everyone is different and every baby gets a unique Sew Delicious gift.

I went for traditional blue for Lewis but with a cute print. I loved the bikes (Riley Blake Dress Up Days Bikes in Blue by Doohikey Designs) with the red scooters – not too babyish.

The first part of the gift is my go-to present for most new bubs – a nappy pouch. When I started making these and giving them as gifts I had such good feedback from friends that they were so practical and great for popping out without dragging a huge bag with you, that they have become my standard gift. They are also my best selling item in my etsy shop – you can see the ones I have for sale here.

I always fill it up with some newborn sized nappies, some baby wipes and a hand sanitiser.

Next I made a couple of bibs – I find bibs get ruined so when people have a second baby new bibs are always welcome. Anna’s bibs were in such a terrible state that I threw most of them out and when Lucy came along she got brand new ones!

I wanted to have different but coordinating fabrics so I chose the Dress Up Days Chevrons from the same Riley Blake range.

To finish the gift set I also made a simple appliqued onesie. I often keep a few plain onesies on hand so a quick gift can be made in minutes if I need to. You can see my tutorial for making appliqued onesies here.

So there you have it! I’m in the process of making a few more fun gifts for some new babies and I will share them soon! Hint – it will involve ruffles!

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