Secret Santa Gifts from Amy

As you might remember from this post a couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Secret Santa Swap organised by the awesome Kara from Me & Elna. Handmade swaps are great for three reasons – having a reason to get creative for someone you don’t know, receiving a parcel with special gifts made just for you, and making new friends. I have got to know some amazing people by being partners with them in a handmade swap.

Amy from Form*work was my Secret Santa, and I was so thrilled with the gifts she made me. Her fabric choices and the items she made were exactly my style.

Here are her creations:

This stunning linen tea towel with appliqued Christmas tree. I have it displayed in the kitchen at the moment and every time anyone goes to wipe their hands on it I lose my mind. I don’t think there is such a thing as a ‘tea towel for decoration only’ but too bad – I’ve claimed that title for this one!

Two cards designed by Amy. I couldn’t bring myself to send them to anyone this Christmas. I like them too much – they need to stay with me for a while longer so I can admire them! Maybe next year someone lucky might receive one of them. Maybe.

How gorgeous is this little house ornament? It hangs on the bookshelf part of my sewing desk. Amy used the Retro Mama Fabric House Ornament pattern. I adore the little bird, and the number on the door. Little details that make it such a sweet ornament – I will definitely give this pattern a go. Great way to use scraps too. Amy – you will have to tell me how on earth you got those stitches around the number 3 so neat!

Thank you so much Amy – when a parcel arrived postmarked from Illinois, USA it was so exciting, then to open and find these lovelies inside made my day!

Make sure you check out Amy’s work at her blog and her Etsy shop (you can buy those beautiful cards and other handmade goodies there). You can also find her here on Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Secret Santa Gifts from Amy

  1. What lovely gifts!!! I love that you almost lose your mind when someone goes to wipe their hands. 😉 I totally get not wanting to use the cards… I've framed the ones that Jodi sent me in the spring and they're hanging in my kitchen! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Ros. SO glad you like the gifts! By the way, I just signed up for your pouch swap. Looking forward to that! Cheers.

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