Lucy in her new Blue Pinafore

My baby is growing up! So fast. I can’t believe how quickly she has changed from a baby to a toddler.

The cuteness!!! Lucy is much taller than Anna was at the same age (18m), so I’ve been sewing a few new things for her as she is in almost the same size as her older sister.

This one is a simple pinafore  – the pattern is New Look 6578 – and I used a pretty Joel Dewberry fabric I had in my stash. I’m a big fan of dressing my girls in blue, but it’s hard to buy blue girls clothes. The fabric is Dogwood Bloom in Pond from the Modern Meadow range.

How cute is that little pony tail? She only tolerates it for about 10 minutes at a time. Neither of my girls like me doing their hair.. yet. I hope that changes soon!

I love pinnies because they are so versatile – in winter they are cute over a long sleeved tee and leggings, and in summer they can be worn just on their own or over a short sleeved tee or onesie.

Her feet don’t quite make it to the pedals, but it won’t be long. I took her swimming this week and she wore floaties for the first time. She jumped straight in…and swam across the pool, turned around and laughed at me! WHAT?! When did she learn to swim? Obviously she has picked up a lot from our weekly trips to the local pool. They learn so much from play.

And while I’m mourning a little bit that the baby years are over for us, it’s exciting that our girls are more independent now and that life is more flexible. Fun times ahead!

6 thoughts on “Lucy in her new Blue Pinafore

  1. Oh! I can't wait to see her! Her little pony tail is super cute! Oh… and love the pinny of course 🙂 I really like the big buttons you chose.

  2. She is so adorable and sweet in her new dress. I used to teach toddlers how to swim, they love water and have less fear, so it is the best time to teach them.


  3. She is precious.
    You described perfectly one of the main themes of my motherhood… Nostalgia for the days that were, anticipation and joys over their growth. My son is in his mid thirties now, with 4 of his own. I still pine for those earlier years, but am fortunate to revisit them through his little ones. My favorite times are first thing in the morning and just before sleep. Just magical.

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