New in the Shop

The last few months I’ve been wondering if I should continue with my Etsy shop. I find it pretty time consuming. Making, photographing, photo editing, listing…

That said, my sales tick over, slowly but surely. I’ve been able to use that very small income to buy new fabric and other crafty bits and pieces. Some months I pretty much ignore it if I’m busy with other things – ie. real life!

I’ve decided to give it a little boost after the market and add in some of the items I didn’t sell. Here are some new things I’ve listed:

Some cute new bibs -the Santa bib is my favourite!

Some cute little button brooches –

Some pretty hair elastics –

And some totally gorgeous little skirts for Christmas –

Haha check out my cute model – that was the best shot we could get after taking about 50 photos!

If you loved any of those things, feel free to pop into the shop and have a closer look – the prices are pretty good 😉

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