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I’m all set up with my new sewing desk, so I’m organised and everything is in it’s place. Such a great feeling! The dining room table has been reclaimed as a place to eat, and I’m getting on with some new projects.

The first official project at the new table was a collaboration – my husband crocheted a new baby blanket and I finally (after him nagging me for weeks!) sewed on the satin binding. It’s pretty cute – I’ll share it soon. I’m thinking of asking him to guest post and share the blanket pattern – crocheters amongst you, are you interested?

The second official project at the new sewing desk was this fabric storage basket.

So pretty! And so easy! I made it using Pam’s fabulous tutorial, and if I hadn’t been interrupted several times while making it, it would have only taken about 15-20 minutes. I didn’t add the interfacing because the dandelion print is a home decorator fabric which is fairly heavy duty.

Now that I have my new desk which also has shelves, I need a few more little baskets to pop odds and ends in, so I will definitely make a few more of these. I’m still deciding what to keep in this one.

I also had a huge destash and clean out of my sewing cupboard and dropped it off at the local thrift shop on Monday, so some lucky people are going to hit the crafty jackpot!

Now I need to find a few more storage solutions for a few other items – mainly my self cover buttons, my ribbons, my patterns and my button collection. Any suggestions? What products do you love to store your crafty bits and pieces?

My first time in ages linking with My Creative Space. Nice to be back 🙂

24 thoughts on “Fabric Storage Basket

  1. Great fabric choices, Ros and thanks so much for the link back. I store bits and pieces I use all the time in fabric baskets. Ribbons I store in a wall hanging that's designed for shoes. It has see through pockets and hangs behind the door. Buttons and cottons I store in stackable Decor containers of various sizes.

  2. I think it is SO cool that your husband crochets! Love it! My dining table stil and will be for a while the eating and crafting area 🙂 Your little basket look very cute too!

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