Crafty Mummy Fail!

I had big plans to make my girls an Oliver & S bucket hat each for the upcoming summer. I had the pattern printed, traced and cut. I was up to selecting fabric. This takes me ages. Do I use something from the stash? Do I buy more? I’ve already spent heaps at Spotlight in the past couple of weeks. But I need a coordinate. Maybe it should be pink? No I’m sick of pink. But she likes pink…How about purple? Maybe floral? What darling? You want dinosaurs. Are you sure? OK. But darling that is black. It will be too hot. Oh pink? How about purple?

You get the idea.

Then I went shopping for bathers. Total disaster. But that’s another story.

We were cruising around one of the large variety chain stores, fast enough that Lucy wouldn’t have a tantrum and try and get out of the pram, but slow enough that I could have a look. We got to the kids department and there was a huge rack of sun hats.

 I know this picture was in a recent post. But it is SO cute, I’m using it again!

The hats were only $4.50. I can’t argue with that price. They selected one each. Anna wanted a Dora one to begin with. I talked her out of it. (Anyone else detest all the horrible Dora / Disney / Wiggles clothing? I can’t stand it! Even worse, kids clothes with stupid slogans.) She ended up choosing a lovely star print hat. She has worn it every day since – WIN!

I know, these hats probably won’t last as long as a handmade one, and some poor exploited worker in China probably made them and got paid five cents, but there are days where you just need to take the path of least resistance.

I might get crafty yet and embellish Lucy’s lovely aqua number with something pretty. Or I might not.

I’d love to tell you that my kids are poster children for the handmade movement. It’s just not true. I love making stuff for them, but they grow SO quickly and spill stuff all over themselves, so it’s just not possible. Good old Target, Kmart, Big W and hand me downs from friends make up a huge part of their wardrobe. With warmer weather arriving though, they will wear more Mummy made things – skirts and dresses are my specialty.

With summer almost here, I might even try and sew something for myself! *gasp*

15 thoughts on “Crafty Mummy Fail!

  1. I really liked this post – I find that I am very much the same as well. I make so many things for my girls that sometimes it is hard to believe that they would have room for anything else in their wardrobe, but sometimes I just can't go past those cheap, basic tees from Target or those cute Pumpkin Patch sale items.

  2. You are hilarious! I really loved this post – I think we can all relate! I totally dislike all the Dora/ Disney stuff too! It's OTT and ugly colours! And usually more expensive. I quite like the Peter Rabbit stuff for new babies though – much more subtle and nicer.

    You should totally sew something for yourself – I bought the Wiksten tank pattern and am thinking about sewing a few for me… too many projects, not enought time!
    Jen x

  3. Yes I know what you mean about sometimes it just being easier to purchase than make. And you are right that is a super cute photos

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  4. LOL… I'm not a fan of the NickJr or Disney stuff either… but Hannah ended up with a heap of Dora hand-me-downs. She loves them! So I let her wear them… but there's no way I'm paying for that stuff.
    I was going to make the same hat too… I got as far as printing off the pattern, but then Hannah fell in love with a hat that came in her latest lot of hand-me-downs. I might get around to it one day!

  5. The Oliver + S hat is on my To Do list, but if I see a hat for $4.50, I'll buy it, too!!! I can totally relate to the conversation part of your first paragraph… brought back memories and made me laugh. I'd love to see you sew something for yourself!!! What's that you say? Time!!! You'll have time again… one day.

  6. I am so there! I have this gorgeous fabric that I had to have for my daughter to make a vintage style dress. It is still sitting in the cupboard. I would never even consider making a hat though, I only sew straight lines 🙂

  7. Same as Cass for the hand-me-downs I reluctantly let my daughter wear…we don't even have a TV but kids catch on to the marketing so quickly from other kids and all that merchandising. Anyway, totally relate to the 'crafty mummy fail' concept also. 🙂

  8. I also agree with your approach – I couldn't possibly make it for the price and we're always leaving hats behind.
    Plus, my time is much better spent cleaning my house or, you know, joining in with #IBOT 🙂

  9. I think my daughter had a hat for every occasion when she was a toddler. Now, at 8, she even grabs her daggy school hat. I used to knit coordinate scarves and crochet beanies, make little bonnets when she was a baby. Now, if I spot one at the op shop or on special at Big W or KMart, I grab it. Where did all my time go? LOL I think your girls look gorgeous Ros.

    Anne xx

  10. I am exactly the same! When I want play clothes Big W and I are best friends. When I want special occasion clothes I sew them myself. I'm not going to spend an afternoon's hard labour with $15 of fabric to make a daycare dress that will have paint on it as soon as we open the door!

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