Christmas Fabric Giveaway *closed*

WINNER! The winner of this giveaway is Kristin, with her hilarious story about the Tardis cookie jar! Thanks so much to everyone who entered and thanks for entertaining me with such awesome stories!

Are you planning on a handmade Christmas? Then you will have to get organised soon! I know it is early but there is no point giving away lovely Christmas fat quarters in December – no one will have any time to make anything! So I’m giving them away in October and anyone can enter – Australian and International friends!

Here is the prize – three fat quarters of Christmas fabric:

Christmas Fat Quarters

The three fabrics are – cute birds wearing santa hats and perched on holly, gold baubles, and a vintage style print of children around a Christmas tree.

So what do you have to do to enter? This giveaway is for my lovely and loyal readers, but you are very welcome to join me here too.
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And finally, leave a comment. Make me laugh and tell me about the worst Christmas gift (or other holiday celebration gift) you have been given, or heard of some one else being given. The story that I love the most will be the winner!
This giveaway will be open for a week and I will draw the winner on Thursday morning (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) on 18th October.

GOOD LUCK! (and don’t forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!)

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59 thoughts on “Christmas Fabric Giveaway *closed*

  1. Ohhh I'm the first comment – I sure hope thats lucky because I NEED this fabric for a advent calendar I'm planning on making. Follow you through GFC, FB and possibly bloglovin too – is that loyal or what? Jenny x

  2. We have always been threaten by a story growing up that if we weren't good during the year and particularly leading up to Christmas that instea of presents we would get a lump of coal! We all thought it was a joke until good friends of ours did that to their daughter and gave her a lump of coal instead of present! From that Christmas on we made sure we were always good!

  3. I'm always getting presents that I hate :-/ The most recent that springs to mind would be the top that my step mother picked out for me for Christmas while I was pregnant with Hannah. It was one of those tacky maternity shirts with a picture of a gift wrapped present on it, complete with pink bow embellished on it.. and to make it even tackier… it had one of those vest thingies attached to it :-/
    Let's just say it's still hiding in the back of my drawer. The look of shock & disappointment on my face (that I tried to hide) when I opened the present would have been priceless. You don't give clothing as a present to a grown woman… especially a pregnant hormonal one!!!
    Oh.. and I follow you via every method available… because I like to stalk thoroughly 馃槈

  4. LOL this would be perfect with my red and green reindeer fabric. 馃檪

    anyway, worst gift EVER?

    my mil, first christmas i'm married in… doesn't know what to give me.. so i got a fishbowl fully of unscented dried flowers… and a strand of christmas lights inside to make it REALLY tacky… and a toilet plunger…

    *blink blink*

    guessing they thought i was full of crap?


  5. This one lady I knew sold her long, beautiful hair so that she could buy a watch chain for her husband's treasured antique watch. Unbeknownst to her, he sold the watch to buy combs for her hair. 馃檨

    Ok, so that's an O. Henry short story, not a real-life story. I couldn't think of any terrible gifts, at least not any with comedic value! But that story has always stuck with me, ever since I read it in junior high. It will be fun to read everyone else's submissions. 馃檪

  6. I follow via GFC.

    When I was 20 (so 2 years ago. heh…), my family thought I still thought Twilight was cool. And I was gifted a lovely Twilight tee shirt. Good times.

  7. No s茅 si en espa帽ol podr茅 hacerte reir o no. S贸lo decir que me ha encantado la tela y que por ella me atrever铆a a coger la m谩quina de coser, s贸lo coso a mano, as铆 que si no por re铆r, al menos por darme un empuj贸n para aprender a coser con la m谩quina. Thanks a lot and continue being yourself, I really love your blog…

  8. I follow you on facebook and via e-mail – thanks for the chance to win! As for worst gift…I got one of those banana-slicer things at a gift exchange once…needless to say, no one wanted to "steal" it from me, so I was stuck with it!! 馃檪

  9. My first year my husband and I were dating….
    Christmas was upon us. Tree was up and lit.
    I LOVE to give gifts…(I think it's my love language of giving!)…so I had gotten him a gift, wrapped under the tree. He had gotten me one. Christmas Eve he came over and saw a few more gifts for him (I always get one big one and many small ones). He was stressed. He felt he had to get me as many as I got him even though I told him so not to do that!
    We were at the mall…it was almost midnight..the stores were starting to close. He panicked! You know those little 'stores' (I say that because they are a little booth type thing) that are in the walkways of malls…they are like carts with stuff on them…kind of like vendors who sell their stuff…) …one was selling jewelry…like goddy costume-y jewelry. He bought me a necklace and earrings that were WAY big, fake looking and definitely NOT me or my style at all.
    So…Christmas morning comes and we open the gifts…I opened mine and he was all nervous. I saw it and was…speechless. He was like "Do you like it?" Holding back tears I said, "Yeah, I love it!"
    I told him the truth a few days later and he was SO ok with it..he told me he didn't know what to do and that he felt bad that he only had one gift for me. 馃檪
    I still have the jewelry to this day and we have been delightfully married for just over 6 years, 2 children, one dog, one cat. We have a wonderful life and usually skip gifts for each other at Christmas and birthdays. Being married to him and our precious children are enough! 馃檪

  10. I follow your blog and fb. My worst gift was a birthday gift from my grandmother. On my 15th birthday she gave me a…..bath mat set to use in the bathroom I shared with my two sisters. The worst part was, she was snapping photos the whole time I was opening up this gift. Somehow I kept a smile on my face and thanked her. She even took those pictures and had them framed and put on her wall. A reminder of the gift she gave me. It makes me smile now but not so much then. I miss her, camera and all.
    Thanks for the inspiring blog.

  11. I follow Sew Delicious on Facebook! My worst Christmas was twelve years ago when my husband THOUGHT he heard me say we aren't exchanging stockings. So I put out all the stockings on Christmas Eve and we excitedly gathered around them on Christmas morning and mine was full of dust! My six year old was mortified and quickly ran to his desk in his room. He whipped up a bunch of homemade hand drawn beautiful pictures to cheer me up adorned with "Merry Christmas" plastered throughout in Christmasy colours! I was thrilled! You don't have to spend a penny to be truly touched by the symbol of giving from the heart! awolk at rogers dot com

  12. I follow on FB and GFC. The best story ever heard was from a school friend. His father had just been made redundant and there wasn't any cash going around. While the parents were in financial trouble he was getting into trouble at school (he was about 8) He had been told that if you were bad you got a potato in place of something you wanted. He woke up on Christmas morning with a potato and a note explaining it would have been a Nintendo but his behavior turned it into a potato. Now as horrible as this is, I thought it was hilarious – I couldn't do it, but oh some years I would have loved to 馃槢

  13. Super fabrics – I've never seen them before – fingers crossed!! Ok my worst Christmas gift ever was what I gave my boyfirend at the time at university. I hang my head in utter embarassment telling you all this but I got him a shower curtain and a sweater. He hated the sewater though I thought he would look nice in it but he REALLLLLLY hated the shower curtain. See, I love practical gifts. He needed a new shower curtain as the other one was gross!! I was given a laminator for my 30th birthday and thought that was a brilliant gift – so my sense of what should be given is a little different to most people…. most people don;t want what they need they want what they desire. Shower curatains don't fall in teh desire category apparently! Oh well. I dumped him in the January so it was good I had only spent a few dollars on him 馃槈

  14. I follow you on Facebook 馃檪

    The worst gift ever was for my husband last year, his mother gave him toothpaste and deodorant and they weren't even the kind he uses lol.

  15. I found you via TBL….. and a fabric giveaway is always the best introduction tool!

    We have this cousin who is really bad at gifts – sometimes you just rather say "I know you don't put any effort in – save yourself 2 seconds and don't bother!" She has give 1 tub of body butter, a notebook (blank, black cover – nothing exciting), empty little make up zip bag (the type you get as a bonus when buying cosmetics) – but this is a good one. When celebrating my husband's birthday one year she got her daughter to go into the pantry (we were at her mum's house)and grab a block of chocolate…. being all of 6 her daughter also announced where the gift came from lol

  16. Worst gift ever was actually a birthday present! My then-beau/now-husband gave me a card with a picture of a baby pug on it, and the inside read "You can pick me up on Saturday." WHAT?? We had 2 cats already, I traveling nearly 4 days a week, and I'm allergic to dogs AND cats! Yes, I love pugs, but I so could not take on a dog with all I have going on! I was so upset and felt terrible about refusing a gift, but I HAD to! It made for a really tense birthday that year.

    That same year, he made me a bookcase for Christmas (over two years ago). It's still not finished, and it really irritates me when I see it…

  17. follower on FB and GFC.
    My worst gift ever was from a long time boyfriiend-he was back home in Oregon and I had been teaching over four months in Canada. He gave me one of those souvenir pens and holders- an acrylic map of Oregon and a pen. How unromantic! needless to say we broke up.

  18. Worst gift was a tapestry picture from an ex-friend flat-mate.

    Despite leaving it at the flat when she left (owing me money), she later claimed to a police officer that I stole it.

  19. Follow on FB for a longer time already and subscibed to your blog now too.

    We do celebrate christmas in our family, but we decidet a long time ago not to gift something eachother. Only the kids get gifted. So I do not remeber a gift that was worst.

  20. Worst/weirdest present given (and I've witnessed some shockers) was to my mother this year on her 50th Birthday. Her sister in law gave her a Tardis cookie jar, what the??? No-one present had a clue what it was supposed to be, until the present giver explained that it was from Dr Who…. Mum is not a fan obviously but graciously thanked my aunt. Every time my dad or mum look at it they just say 'why?' and laugh! This gift was from the same aunt that gave my mum a toy ute six months earlier when she had a hysterectomy… To apparently replace the uterus she'd lost (what the?!?!)
    Follow you lots of ways:)

  21. I am your e-mail, FB and TW follower, is it enough? =)
    my worst gift was given by a friend, it was a watch with the logo of a make-up and perfume shop, by the fact that it didn't fit me well, I went to the shop asking if I could switch it with another item and they told me it was impossible because that wasn't an item they sell in the shop (it was a prize given to costumers)
    sad enough!

  22. I follow you too Ros every which way but loose but I'm afraid I can say I don't remember any bad Christmas presents even the 20 cents wrapped in a hankie or cake of Sunlight soap Nanna used to give us as small kids. Very practical was my Nanna. LOL

    Anne xx

  23. I follow you with my google reader and on facebook!

    One of my old bosses got hair dye for Christmas from her husband, he said he thought she must like it since she buys it all the time and he also said "sorry its not your favorite brand but I had a coupon for this one" haha I would kill my husband.

  24. My worst Christmas gift was… Let me build it up! It was the Christmas of 2002. I bought my boyfriend a 7 string Ibenze guitar. It was beautiful, slate colored, and just amazing, and very expensive for someone on a Wendy's salary. lol I went over to his house to exchange gifts and he handed me this heavy present. Hmm wonder what it is? Definitely not the necklace I wanted but probably just as awesome! I pulled back the paper to see it was a case of Chef Boyardee Ravioli… All I could do was try to give a big smile and say thank you as happy and nice as I could since I was being recorded by his parents. I was furious! I mean I love Ravioli but come on! It went in the trunk and it stayed there for a long long time. He broke up with me the night after I graduated. My friends and I went camping at the lake and late the next morning we decided to throw the cans into the fire! It sounded like gunshots with ravioli flying everywhere! It was hilarious. I went out on the boat a couple hours later to check our fishing lines and came back to the tent already packed up and my friends in a haste, they said the cops came by asking if we herd gunshots! lol We picked up the campsite and can debris an I just laughed seeing all the ravioli splattered all over my car. I got the guitar back and left him the blown up cans.
    In 2005 I met my husband and he always finds the most thoughtful gifts for every occasion and not once has he given me ravioli!

  25. The mister gave me a tackle box one year. I DON'T FISH!!

    He thought it was just the thing because it was pink-ish.

    I decided it could be useful to hold my bits & bobs.

    My mistake, because the mister, was & is, so pleased that I 'loved it so much' I use it for my craft workings.

    Email Subscriber


  26. At first, I couldn't think of anything, but then I remembered…

    The purple velour sweatsuit! (matching top & bottom, and no, the top wasn't even a hoodie-just a horribly too tight crew neck sweatshirt!) My grandmother, generally quite stylish, gave me this when I was a senior in high school, a good 25 years ago. It was not cool.
    It is the thought that counts, of course. She might be glad to know a friend of mine wore it as a joke when we went sledding later. Just in case she wasn't glad to know, I never told her & just offered a big Thank you & hug in return!
    Happy Holidays! Excellent giveaway!

    rescuedgoods at gmail dot com

  27. Worst Christmas gift? Hmm My husbands side of the family, each person brings one gift that can go female or male under $25 One year I picked and opened up a huge stuffed (once alive) puffer fish. What do you do with that? I poked my fingers once. The next year I got a live beta fish. Wow

  28. When we were kids, my brothers and I would try to buy something small to give each other, a t-shirt, a cd, a movie, a book, things we could afford on our limited budget. One year, one of my brothers thought that he would be very creative in shop class. Christmas morning came and when we all were handed identical square packages, including mom, we all exchanged looks, wondering who would open first. As we opened, we were surprised to find we each had received a block of wood with different patterns of holes cut into it. My brother said they could be a door stop, a paper weight, a book end…whatever we wanted it to be and that was what was so great about them. Mom got a smiley face on her block. Mine resembled a slice of swiss cheese. One of my brothers got one with a hole right in the middle. I still have that block of wood and still think about it from time to time because it was the year we all got original blocks of wood.

  29. Hey Ros! Great giveaway! I follow your blog in every way possible. 馃槈

    Worst presents I ever got were from my mom's family. They always got those pens, pencils, cups, etc. that had the kids' names on them. The other kids in our family all have normal names (Ben, Matt, Heidi, Dennis, Bridget) but my name is spelled Meighen. So every time they would get those for the other kids, they thought they had to get them for me too so I wouldn't feel left out, but never once was my name spelled correctly. I always got 'Megan' pens, pencils, cups, etc. To this day, only two people on that side of the family ACTUALLY know how to spell my name.

  30. I follow you on facebook! I've been blessed with great Christmases, but the best terrible gifts I ever received were at my bridal shower. First, my grandmother, trying to give me a sexy gift, accidentally bought me a rather large pair of control top panties. Then, my mother in law decided to give me an entire bathroom set. Not the one I registered for.. In response to the beautiful lavender and chocolate themed set I registered for she said, "women tend to make the bathroom too feminine. I prefer to use the registry as a guideline and get what I think you really need." She had given me the most masculine, chunky, and ugly brown and black set I'd ever seen! The best part? When I tried to return the set, the store clerk said each piece only rang up at 1 penny each, and they hadn't carried it in three years!

  31. I think the worst christmas gift I've ever gotten was those windbreaker jacket and pant suit. When they were in style, I was about 8 and I hated them so much. I just kept getting them from everyone.

  32. First, I follow your blog via GFC as well as email.

    The absolute worst Christmas present I have ever gotten was from my first husband's Mother. When I unwrapped this gift, I had NO idea what to say. I said thank you but there was no false excitement from me as I could not even consider faking how much I just looooooooooooooved this gift. NOPE. Not even a tidbit of that. What was this gift? It was a feather duster. Not a really nice one but one of those crappy, cheap ones with a white plastic handle and turquoise fake feathers. It was horrible. WHAT was I supposed to do with that? WHO uses one of those anyway? You wave it in the air and feather bits and pieces flew off of it.

  33. I'm a GFC follower 馃檪
    My worst is the torchlight from a present exchange party. Don't understand the person who give that present to me.

  34. I follow through google reader.

    My worst Christmas gift was from my DH on our first Christmas – a bright red hoodie with one of my favorite flowers embroidered on it – I don't wear hoodies and the red is so bright it doesn't coordinate with anything. To say the least, it has hung in my closet for almost 3 years, unused.

  35. Creo que el peor regalo fue de mi madre,me regalo unos el谩sticos para enganchar las sabanas al colch贸n.Te sigo por correo electr贸nico.Cari帽os.

  36. My husband comes from a country that doesn't do Christmas and a family that doesn't do gifts so for many years I didn't get anything and that was okay. But one December I spotted a very nice silver shovel in the hardware shop window. Ha! Practical yet pretty and just what I wanted, and only 25.00. So that year I requested a present. It was so easy, the shop was on his way to and from work.

    But what did I get? A green garden fork! And he paid 75.00 for it! Later while we watched TV an ad came on for garden forks selling for 7.95. We laughed pretty hard. And then it was stolen from the garden anyway 馃檪

    These days we just buy something we want together at Christmas time.

  37. The worst gift i got was from my dad when I was 12. We were not well off so he used to go out and catch rabbits for meat, unfortunately he did not know how to skin it properly and he just cooked it over the coal fire, it always stunk, The Birthday gift part was a foot. He turned it into a key ring and told me it would give me good luck, This is a case of the thought was much nicer than the gift.

  38. For the first secret santa my family ever did, we agreed that we would buy each other a luxury item, something that you wouldn't normally buy for yourself. Why then did I end up with a water filter jug? I suppose it Was something that I wouldnt normally buy myself, as I only ever drink water straight out of the tap!!

  39. Many years ago my husband received a bag of coal (the read deal). The coal was neatly packaged with care and included a hand written original poem lamenting how naughty he had been and so all he deserved for Christmas was coal. We spent many months guessing who had placed the coal on our porch. My husband did not find out until his birthday in May that is was one of our good friends playing a trick on him. We still laugh anytime someone says he should get coal in his stocking and the politely tell them that yes we know been there done that LOL.

  40. My grandma buys me a hamper of food goodies each Christmas but they're all $1 and $2 items from discount stores. Nothing made in Australia, and nothing that doesn't taste awful. And she's so proud of the way she decorated the basket…..

  41. bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha Let me first compose myself bwahahaha I am in tears after reading your stories ladies 馃檪 I should probably enter on behalf of my husband and list every dodgy Chrissie pressie I have ever given him, starting with a pillow hahaha I am THE WORST gift giver ever. EVER haha Jenya 馃檪

  42. Following on GFC 馃檪
    The worst gift anyone in my family ever received was my brother… who got suspense and a huge anti-climax! We have an aunt renowned for – well, let's just say "story-worthy" gifts – who sent him a card in the mail to say his present was on the way. He was excited a few days later when he received an express post satchel containing – another card? That's all he got, but I got the best laugh I'd had in a while!

  43. On gosh… I remember getting tons and tons of socks as a kid and hating it! Socks are a disappointing gift if you're expecting toys and candy.

  44. My grandmother was a seamstress in her younger days then a curtain maker once she turned 50. She once made several outfits for myself and my cousins mainly out of curtain fabrics. She carefully measured each of us in all the appropriate places before deciding how long she thought we should have our skirts and tops and jackets etc. Unfortunately she decided mini skirts were the fashion and made the three of us matching outfits in skirts that barely covered our backsides and were too tight as she had forgotten to add seam allowances in her measurements and the shirts she made were supposed to be a wrapped style but she hadn't allowed for the opening that would create over our chests. Needless to say none of us were able to wear our own clothing and i was the lucky one of the three being the oldest our items were handed down the line, the smallest sizes were donated under a wishing tree and i was given cash to spend on something of my choice.

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