What I Wore Wednesday

Actually I should just rename this post ‘What I Wear…All The Time’.

I quite like seeing my favourite bloggers and what they wear. I feel like I get to know the person better when I see photos of them and it’s great to ‘meet’ the person who is usually behind the camera.

So this is me in my Mummy uniform – jeans,a simple top, and flats.I couldn’t even tell you the last time I wore heels.

You can probably tell from the look on my face that I’m not overly comfortable in front of the camera. And I’m squinting from a quick burst of sun that came out during my little photo shoot this morning.

The outfit – an oversized tee from Seed Femme, three-quarter jeans from Esprit and Converse runners.That is the sort of thing you’ll find me in most days – super practical and easy while running about after the kids. I don’t wear much jewellery – just small white gold and diamond studs, my engagement and wedding rings, and an eternity ring on my right hand which was from my parents for my 21st birthday.

My hair usually gets shoved back in a bun and ignored. It is getting quite long at the moment, down past my shoulders. I am tempted to do a Miley Cyrus and go for the big chop, but I’m scared! If I cut it short I also have to go to the hairdresser more often that once every six months! My hair is really thick too, so I always have to get the hairdresser to thin it out.

I never wear make up unless I’m going out somewhere. I just cleanse, tone and moisturise each morning. Most days I also put on sunscreen – I was diagnosed with a small skin cancer just after Anna was born and that is not an experience I wish to revisit.

 You can see in the picture at the top (and more clearly in the bio pic in my sidebar) that I have a large pigmentation mark under my left eye. It appeared during my pregnancy with Anna, got even bigger during my pregnancy with Lucy and hasn’t gone away. It’s like a tattoo – my girls have branded me! Not to mention the stretch marks across my tummy…

So that’s me! What about you – do you have a Mummy uniform? Do you hate being in front of the camera? Did your pregnancies leave marks?

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  1. Lol, if I'm not leaving the house, it's trackies and my uggs, I don't wear make either and going out is usually a trip to Coles! I will make an effort if I have to go to the kids schools for a meeting, but I don't get the full make up for picking kids up from school, oh well to each their own.

  2. YAY! So glad you did a Wardrobe Wednesday post and by the way you look awesome – I think it takes skill to look casual but still classy – as you have done here – when I first saw the first pic the words 'casual chic' came to mind. Regarding makeup I don't want to feel that I HAVE to wear it if I go out the house, but also like to sometimes make the effort even if it's just for 'me' round the house – usually only a bit of tinted moisturiser and mascara if I'm lucky most days. I was extremely lucky not to get stretch marks, but am pretty sure my tummy muscles are not what they used to be! … I hope you keep these posts up (and you should join in with Wardrobe Wed at Sailorspy and what I wore wednesday at pleated poppy!)

  3. My uniform is pretty similar to yours…jeans, flats and some kind of top. I'm always cold, so I usually have several layers on. I just got my hair cut short (well short for me, just above my shoulders) and I love it! I have so many more options of how to wear it now and I can wear it out which I never did before. I never heard of anyone getting a 'birthmark' while they're pregnant…how interesting. I have no pregnancy marks to speak of, although the pancakes that are now my boobs are a little sad 😉

  4. Good one. I too like to see what bloggers look like as I find it helps me to relate. I was lucky enough to get a pigmentation spot during my last pregnancy too, right at the end of my nose! As well as that, I got general pigmentation over my forehead, cheeks and chin. So lucky – NOT! I have found a product that has helped out tremendously though and it's not expensive either. It's from a shop called eCosway (I live in Melbourne so there's at my local shopping centre) and it's called Diamond and Platinum White. An intensive cream that you put on day and night and a Day Cream with sunscreen for over the top during the day. It made such a huge difference to my overall pigmentation that now I'm just using it on the stubborn spots. Worth a try if your spot bothers you. Anyway, thanks for sharing you 🙂

  5. I tend to wear jeans most days and a top that is comfortable and definitely no heels for me! I got some sort of pigmentation thing too when pregnant with my little girl but with mine I lost the pigmentation in my skin and had white splotches all over my chest and the back of my neck. It has gotten a lot better but you can still slightly see it.. 🙂

  6. That photo could be me… well, perhaps with an older face… LOL!!! I live in jeans year round (always have) and have a pair of Converse runners just like yours. I don't wear makeup at home, but I NEVER leave home without it.

  7. I work in an office 3 days a week so I have to wear 'business casual' but when I get home it's instant PJs and sweats. I'm a nanny the other 2 days a week so I wear comfy clothes with them because between 6mo twin girls and a 3yo boy, I'm bound to get mussed!

  8. You are super cute! Anymarks from the birth of my son (36 years ago Saturday next) have blended in with general aging & too much weight, but my heart is so much bigger from having raised him & now his 4 children. All good.
    I work in an office everyday, so make up & business casual are appropriate. Weekends my favorites in summer are casual linen crops ( not near as fancy as it may sound) and a 100% cotton with 3/4 sleeves and flip flops or lace up athletic shoes. Winter, jeans & the rest the same.
    Thanks so much for your candor & great blog. It is so enriching to feel connections with creative & genuine folk. I especially marvel at the balance, energy & open sharing of young mothers…. What great role models, fiot the very young & for those of us who are older too!

  9. Oh em freaking gee, THANK YOU for looking like a real person! If I have to see one more person playing with their hair with a disgruntled look on their face during a WIWW post I may poo. Seriously, LOVE this!!!

  10. You are so gorgeous! I think you look like a great mummy!

    I have my 'mummy badges' aka stretch marks too. I wear them with pride.

    I work 4 days a week so get to 'dress up'. I actually make myself dress nicely on my day off and weekends as I don't want to look like a slob. Might have more to do with recently loosing some weight and feeling much better about myself.

    Thanks for the picture!

  11. I love my cons and live in them during the week with a pair of jeans and long sleeved tee. I wish my skin was as gorgeous as yours and I could leave it bare. Sadly it's pretty mangey but I slap on some Garnier BB and I'm set

  12. I live in my Converse and Vans runners too, so practical for chasing little ones. I actually find I want more pictures of me and my baby, but my husband takes terrible pictures, so I always hate them. I am training him though, and teaching him! I just need to get some practice with those photoshop skills! haha

  13. I live in jeans in winter, but being in Melbourne, have to add boots to the ensemble to keep my feet warm! Plus lots more layers!

  14. Oh hey, so I just figured out that you also live in Melbourne… how you survive with your ankles all bare like that I'll never know 😉

  15. You're gorgeous! You look very comfy and at ease in your uniform.
    I'm big on trackie pants and bright coloured hoodies. Daggy, but true.

  16. I agree with Becky G and Jane – you are super cute and gorgeous! And the photo by no way does you justice. Much love from your very proud (and photographically challenged) husband. Xx

  17. I agree with Becky G and Jane – you are super cute and gorgeous! And the photo by no way does you justice. Much love from your very proud (and photographically challenged) husband. Xx

  18. Nice mummy uniform lol. I am thinking of getting the chop too, sick of always wearing my hair tied back, I think I'm a little nervous too.

  19. I do have a mummy uniform, however with studying massage I have a massage uniform that gets precedence. I wear my hair back, it's the longest it's ever been (I consider chopping too) and try to keep my nails very short, no nail polish. I try to wear some make up I try to do lots of things. I am still trying….. I do have marks from my pregnancies, I treasure some of them and others are so deep and emotional that I have trouble breathing at times. i have a green jacket that I love and I wear when I am really struggling (except in summer!). I avoid the camera!

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