Sewing with some Favourite Fabrics

My parents visited this weekend and took Anna and Lucy out for some adventures. I spent the whole day on Friday doing nothing but SEWING (oh, actually, I lie…a little bit of shopping too!)

Here are a few things that I made!

A very sweet baby gift set using one of my favourite fabrics – Whales in Bermuda from the Urban Zoology range by Ann Kelle. You might recognise it from this post – one of my most popular tutorials!

 A nappy (diaper) pouch with this adorable Kokka Owls fabric.

I really love this vintage style farmyard fabric. It reminds me of some of the illustrations in old Golden Books. The fabric is a bit rare – it’s stocked exclusively in Spotlight and sometimes they sell out and never restock again. I’ve got a a small amount left, so I’m being very selective about what I use it for! This set is a best seller in my etsy shop. The unisex colours make it a great gift for baby showers where the sex of the baby is still a secret.

And finally a cute little hedgehog nappy (diaper) pouch – I adore this print by Lizzy House. It is Hedgehogs in Cream from the Outfoxed range.

It is so great to power through a lot of sewing and have that huge sense of achievement! Thanks Mum & Dad!

You can find all of these items in my shop 🙂

12 thoughts on “Sewing with some Favourite Fabrics

  1. Oh I love that owl print, it's gorgeous! Have you mad eanything else with it? The whale print is so cute too. And you're right the vintage farm print would def make a good unisex gift. Gonna have to have a look at your shop as I have a friend due in Nov and she is not finding out the sex.

  2. You pick the most gorgeous fabrics! I've said it before… I just love that farm yard set. Too cute!
    Yay you for getting some sewing done! I could almost hear your eye starting to twitch from all the way up here in QLD!!! LOL

  3. I am so jealous. I have so much fabric just sitting and waiting for me, and no time to do anything with it! In fact I've been a crazy woman with housework today, so hopefully I might get a little bit of time to do something tomorrow!

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