Back to Sewing Basics in September

If I had a dollar for every person who said to me “I got a sewing machine for Christmas last year but it’s still in a box in the cupboard” or “I am too scared to sew a buttonhole/zipper” or just plain “I’d like to learn how to sew” I would be rich! No, actually I’d probably have about thirty dollars 🙂

So I thought  I would put together some really simple skill based posts, and I will be devoting the whole of September to getting back to basics.

Lucky for me, some of my best blogging buddies are helping me out and together we will be able to share some of our collective sewing knowledge and hopefully teach you something new!

Here is a rundown on what we will be covering:

Sewing Machine Basics
Sewing Machine Buyers Guide
Essential Sewing Tools
A Guide to Machine Needles
A Guide to Machine Feet
Zippers for Beginners  – Simple Zip Pouch Tutorial
Buttons and How to Sew Buttonholes
How to Clean and Maintain Your Machine
The Ultimate Guide to Fabric
Ironing and Pressing
What is Interfacing? And how should I use it?
Different Types of Seams
Buying Guide to Vintage Patterns, notions and fabric
Embroidery for Beginners
Quilting for Beginners

I hope there is something there that you are interested in! I have already learned heaps just from researching the posts.

When each post is published I will link it to this page, so make sure you pin or bookmark this page so you can refer back and use it as a great resource!

Dust off that machine and get ready to sew!

12 thoughts on “Back to Sewing Basics in September

  1. Great idea! I finally conquered my fear of the zipper and love them now! I have made mainly pillows but I did try a purse for me. Can't wait for the series! Thanks!

  2. Ah this sounds wonderful! I feel like my sewing has really plateaued lately and I could definitely make use of a few good tutorials to help me out!! Fantastic idea!

  3. Can't wait, I really need the how to clean the machine tips, I usually end up carting it to mums so it's done properly, it scares me a bit

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