First Birthday Giveaway! *closed*

EDIT – Congratulations to the winners!

Kambrook Pressure Express Pressure Cooker – A. Smyth
Wrapped In Fabric Hello Birdie Kit – J. Parkinson
Zip It Zippers $25 voucher – M.Okimoto
Cass Can Sew Vintage Fat Quarters – M. Tahu
Autumn Street Tote Bag Pattern – K. Kelly

Congratulations and thanks for all your support!

It’s been one year of blogging for me and to celebrate the blog’s first birthday and I’ve got some fantastic prizes for you! The theme of the giveaway is – of course – Sew Delicious!

This giveaway is for Australian residents only – apologies to my international friends – I will have something for you really soon!

The Prizes:

The lovely people at Kambrook are giving one of my lucky readers a Kambrook Pressure Express Pressure Cooker! I have wanted one of these for ages, and when I saw the Masterchef contestants using pressure cookers a lot in this year’s series, I was completely sold. Pressure cookers give that beautiful slow cooked result with tender meat and rich sauces to curries, casseroles, lamb shanks and soups, but in a fraction of the time. Perfect for busy people who need to organise a meal quickly but don’t have time to cook recipes for a long time. For heaps of recipe ideas you can visit Kambrook’s blog A Perfect Pantry.

Wrapped in Fabric is a fantastic Australian fabric store based in South Australia. Sandy is a WAHM whose passion for fabric started when she was sewing for her own daughter. Her online store has become one of Australia’s leading fabric suppliers, selling top quality designer fabrics, kits and bundles throughout Australia and internationally. Wrapped in Fabric is providing the gorgeous Hello Birdie cushion kit, which includes the pattern and fabric. Make sure you sign up for the Wrapped in Fabric newsletter here for all the latest on new items and sales.

Amazing Etsy store Zip It Zippers has without a doubt THE BEST selection of zippers around. Every type of zipper for every sewing project can be found in Jennie’s fabulous store, and she is giving a lucky reader a $25 gift certificate to the store!

Cass from Cass Can Sew is the authority on sewing with Vintage fabrics. She sews incredible dresses, bonnets, bunting and heaps more with her carefully selected stash of precious vintage fabrics and linens, and she is giving away a vintage fat quarter bundle! See her gorgeous creations for her label Rosylou in her Etsy store  and don’t miss the wonderful tutorials on her blog. The Vintage Romper is so sweet for a gorgeous baby!

Finally, Abby from Things for Boys has just released her first PDF pattern under her Autumn Street label for the gorgeous Big Tote Bag. This bag is perfect for so many uses and is a great project for any sewing level. If you miss out on this prize, don’t despair – you can buy your own pattern for the bargain price of just $5. Get it here!

How do you enter? Just complete the options using the Rafflecopter, and GOOD LUCK!

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This is NOT a sponsored post. All brands / businesses involved have donated prizes for you, the reader.I have not received any payments or products for my own gain in conjunction with this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

64 thoughts on “First Birthday Giveaway! *closed*

  1. Sewing disatser – umm too many to count but I recently tried to make a pair of pants for my baby, for the life of me I could not get the crotch right – My one year old ended u looking like he was stuffing to "enhance" his man hood – needless to say he never wore them again

  2. Woo hoo! Great giveaway Ros! Again, congratulations. Many kitchen disasters for me but the most recent I can remember is leaving the blue plastic on the frozen puff pastry when I put it in the oven. I was so damn hungry I just pulled the top part off and still ate it. Must check that before I put in oven next time! LOL

    Anne xx

  3. I tried to make a pencil case when I was about 15…needless to say, the pencils all disappeared quickly after I put them in due to all the holes :/

  4. Well sewing disasters there have been a couple like not folding the hem for jeans properly when taking them up (my first few attempts) and then they just frayed! Embarrassing yes!
    Cooking wise – I'm a chef so in the beginning there were many. My biggest one though would have to be when I was pregnant and melted the plastic base of a frozen pizza in the oven. The toxic smell or taste never left the oven. I wrote about this one on my blog not long ago.

  5. Wow! What a super duper giveaway Ros! And not to worry us International buddies will check back later πŸ™‚

    Re: sewing disasters I've learnt that mistakes are all part of the learning process and if you have extra special expensive fabric do a practice run in calico or something first!

  6. What a great give away! I am so excited that I live in Australia and can enter πŸ™‚

    Sewing disaster are a plenty! I am a beginner sewer and trying to teach myself using wonderful blogs such as yours. I am constantly making simple mistakes like forgetting to put the right sides of fabric together, so when I flip it inside out the wrong sides are showing and I have to unpick and start again πŸ™
    I will learn to double check one day. Baby brain and a crazy toddler don't always help the process.

    And cooking… although I am much better now, when starting out on my own, I was always setting things alight and burning food. I have the hang of it now thank goodness.

  7. So many disasters in cooking. I tried making vodka jelly shots once but they didn't set, so we blended the mix up with some watermelon…it was like glue! Most people were polite and drank their shot, but hubby still teases me about it!

  8. My cooking disaster actually happened last night whilst I was trying to steam some apples for my 5mth old daughter! I cut everything up put it on the stove and ten went to iron! Totally forgt about te apples and now have a very black pot!!! Next time I think I'll forget te ironing an just watch the apples!!

  9. Happy blogiversary. I havent been sewing for very long, and I have a few things I have abandoned. Like a knit dolman top which got a massive fold in the seam at the front when trying to attach the smaller waistband. I could probably fix it but never tried. I also sewed a simplicity dress with a waistband, and where they meet at the zipper the two sides are different thicknesses! Argh these waistband issues…

  10. Years ago…first attempt at making custard on the stove…Thought I was going to have to throw the pot out it burnt that bad! Three weeks of soaking later it scrubbed clean, I now buy it!

  11. My cooking disaster is trying to make garlic prawn, and i still cannot get it right πŸ™ i always over cook them or under cook them just cannot get it right!

  12. I have cooking disasters all the time! The first time I tried to make soup, I added heaps of rice for some reason, and it basically turned into revolting bland rice. All the liquid was absorbed and no matter how much more I added, it was just a huge disaster.

  13. Great prizes! Congrats on the 1 year! Most recent cooking disaster – I was making chicken stock, desperate for homemade chicken soup as I was feeling awful with morning sickness. I didnt realise until after the stock was ready that I had boiled the awful sachet thing they put with chicken along with the bones! I was so disappointed!!!

  14. Congrats on the one year!!! I was making this awesome baked pudding…prepared it, baked it for 40 mintues then moved it under the grill for the final 5 minutes to crisp the top…forgot about it till the husbando smelt the smoke. Burnt it to a CRISP!! I was shattered….and left hungry. πŸ™ LOL

  15. I've had a massive cooking disaster. The first time my husband and I cooked silverside we must have overboiled it. we sat down to a lovely dinner complete with white sauce only to taste old boot! We ended up ducking out for takeway. Fail!

  16. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome prizes, Ros!!! Cooking disasters are too many to mention… LOL!!! One of my sons took over all the cooking when he was a teenager, because he didn't like the carcinogenic (burnt) food I was serving. He's a great cook!!!

  17. Sewing disasters a plenty and it's always the easy stuff! Putting pyjama bottoms together the wrong way, not once but TWICE! It is not fun unpicking overlocked seams πŸ™‚

  18. I was making my daughter a dress on the weekend thought i will try sew this my own way rather then follow the tutorial, bad idea took me 4 times to unpick it and then back to follow the tutorial

  19. Sewing disasters a regular. Only yesterday did I cut a half yard of fabric one inch too short for the pattern and there wasn't enough left of the half yard to recut. I'm now going to have to wait for another order from the US.

  20. I've had too many sewing disasters to count! Mostly it is as a result of rushing in and not taking the time to read the instructions or think things through properly! Even my husband was reminding me a couple of nights ago of the number 1 rule: measure twice, cut once!

  21. My worst sewing disaster was when I was over locking the seams on an 8 gored skirt and I got some of the skirt caught up and the over locker blade cut a hole in the skirt. To make matters worse I did it three times! Thank goodness the material looks great with some appliquΓ©.

  22. I was making a casserole and when seasoning the meat the lid of the salt grinder came off and salt spill all into the dish. I picked heaps out and thought that was was left in would be fine as a seasoning, it wasn't. It was sooo disgustingly salty. And that is not my only disaster, but the rest are for another day πŸ™‚

  23. Happy Birthday Sew Delicious! Here's to many more years!
    My worst sewing disaster was cutting out and sewing an entire stretch jersey shirt… having cut the jersey the wrong way there was absolutely no stretch at all! It's still sitting unfinished in a pile. I think I'd like to burn it for all the injustices it caused. πŸ™‚

  24. Congratulations and happy first birthday!

    Goodness I have a few sewing disasters but cooking wise there are countless! Last year I was making biscuits and put the bowl on the stove to bend down to tie up my little Misses shoe. It fell off and I was almost in tears. It was the biggest bowl in a matching set of four and I adored it. One of those old country style ones.

    My little miss (then 2) started crying and saying sorry over and over as she thought it was her fault. I felt so bad.

  25. No major cooking disasters, but my most recent sewing diaster was not checking the pattern of my fabric close enough and realizing after cutting that I had cut the fabric upside down and had no more fabric to re-cut πŸ™

  26. my cooking disaster..spent hours making a massive vegetable lasagne to take it out of the oven, drop it on the floor, broke my best roasting dish, cracked the tiles on the floor and burnt my hands trying to stop it!

  27. No sewing disasters for me, but I do have a few cooking ones! My latest was burning risotto… which was to be one of the dishes at a special dinner party!

  28. My sewing disaster, I tried to shortened my husband pants. Instead I sew the opening together. IT likes a body suit for the adults.

  29. My sewing disaster, I tried to shortened my husband pants. Instead I sew the opening together. IT likes a body suit for the adults.

  30. Thankfully most cooking disasters can be rescued. I did make a mess of our then 2 year olds birthday cake but just made another with icing and lolies and the kids were happy

  31. Congratulations on one year of fab blogging! My cooking disaster was play dough. I had good intentions of making homemade dough for my kids to enjoy but after I set everything up, I realized I had no cream of tartar but I decided to go ahead and make it sans the c of t. It was great for one day but by day two we had rocks of play dough. Not fun at all. Lesson learnt! Now I always have a stash of c of t in the pantry.

  32. Sewing disaster – last minute sewing of costume for book parade today (sewing late last night) and I cut and sewed the mask the completely wrong way so that it sat out from ds face instead of wrapping around his face – doh! Second time round was much better

  33. My biggest cooking disaster was when I exploded my pressure cooker and food went all over the place – I haven't ever had another so this might be my time!!!

  34. Sewing Disaster – I've wrongly cut my precious Domestic bliss fabric due for not reading the cutting instruction till the end. I end up with shortage of fabric to complete a quilt top. This incident really teach me a lesson!!

    I am from the USA and just wanted to say Congratulations on one year blogaversarie. I love following your blog

  36. Congrats on your 1st bloggy birthday!! πŸ™‚ I have a pile of unfinished sewing disasters. As for cooking, I'm still reminded of the time that I was trying to make my mum some boiled eggs for breakfast in bed on Mothers Day when I was about 8, she had an egg boiler jug and I put the eggs in and didn't realise that I also needed to put water in (der!). Well, the handle on the jug melted off and the heating element burnt out. I was banned from making breakfasts in bed after that! πŸ™‚

  37. My cooking disaster. When I was a poor uni student without any cooking equipment I purchased some chicken livers and tried to make pate for a party we were having. The chicken livers ended up slattered up my walls and on the roof! COrrect cooking equipment is important πŸ™‚ Happy birthday!

  38. Congrats on your 1st birthday, may there be many more!! My cooking disaster was with our Weber BBQ didn't let coals burn down enough, chicken took 3 hours to cook(still slightly raw) have mastered it since then.

  39. Congratulations, happy first Birthday.

    I thought myself a great cook when lo and behold discovered I could not boil an egg. Fancied a curried egg sandwich, boiled the egg up to find it still a bit runny so popped it in the microwave then heard a big explosion, the microwave was egg blown and I was left feeling I had egg on my face.

  40. The white sauce disaster, the self raising flour had been put in the wrong container, needless to say it was the (gift) sauce that kept on giving as it expanded, expanded and expanded!!!!!

  41. So….I just scrolled back up to the top and saw it is for Australian residents only. πŸ™ I gues my phone didn't load the first section until after I had scrolled down a bit. Oh well. πŸ™

  42. Yes, several, although they're less about sewing disasters than they are about rotary cutter vs. fabric incidents. I usually have to buy a bit of extra fabric in case of accidents (the ruler moves, I move, the cutter takes off in a direction all by itself). I find myself holding my breath and cutting so slowly that I wonder if it wouldn't be faster (and safer) to use scissors. Like they did in the Olden Days.

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