Shorts for Boys

This month I wanted to:

-make some shorts for Shorts On The Line
-do some more charitable sewing
-use some of the fabric given to me by my friend Belinda

One project, all three plans achieved!

My lovely friend Belinda had a de-stash and in the bags of fabric she gave me was this grey cotton polyester blend. I tend to stick with 100% cotton, but this fabric was lovely and soft. Also in the bags was a stack of Ikea fabrics. I do love Ikea fabrics, they are usually a riot of colour and bold, large prints. There was about a metre of a large bird print, so I fussy cut some birds and appliqued one each to the shorts.

My usual model was next door enjoying a play date, so I thought given that I was planning to enter these into the Shorts On The Line sew along group, I may as well take the pictures…on the line. Yep.

shorts on the line button

These shorts will also be given to Hopeful Threads as part of their July project for Children in Families in Cambodia. Fishsticks Designs very generously created a shorts pattern for Hopeful Threads for this project, called the Mud Puddle Splashers, and that is the pattern I’ve used.

Shorts Button

Once I’d cut my shorts out I realised they looked a bit like the grey school uniform shorts so many boys here wear to school. To inject some colour, all the stitching is done in a neon yellow, including the zig zag around the bird applique. Unfortunately the yellow doesn’t stand out so well in the photos.

I love this bird. I think it looks like a budgerigar that has just been caught doing something naughty.

Hope this week is a good one for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. The shorts look great, Ros!!! Love the bird applique!!! I tend to sew with 100% cotton too. Not sure why I almost always do, as there's a lot of other beautiful fabrics I should experiment with.

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