Pinwheel Pin Cushion – Mini Tutorial

There is no such thing as too many pin cushions right? This one is number four in my collection.

I need one to sit permanently next to my machine so I can stick pins in it as I pull them out of my sewing project while I stitch. Otherwise a pin pile builds up next to the machine and a couple of times I’ve knocked them off the table by accident and little hands have found them. Not safe.

This took about thirty minutes all up – super quick – I love those projects! Not content to make a pin cushion from two squares, I whipped up a quick pinwheel. I recently won a fabric pack from Yardage Designs and the parcel contained some swatches of other fabric. Waste not want not – I used one of those little swatches (Verano leaves in Crimson) and combined it with a blue solid. I love the contrast.

Want to make one too? It is really easy! Here is a mini tutorial –

1. Make a small pinwheel using this tutorial or just cut a small square (10cm / 4″) of fabric.
2. Cut a square the same size as your pinwheel for the base of your pin cushion.
3. With right sides together, stitch all the way around and leave a small opening for stuffing.
4. Clip corners, turn right sides out and stuff with hobby fill. Hand stitch your opening closed.
5. Get two buttons and use the same thread to stitch them firmly through the middle of the cushion. You will have one button on top and one underneath the pin cushion. This helps make the cushion nice and plump for pins.

That’s it. Easy!

Do you have a special pin cushion?

11 thoughts on “Pinwheel Pin Cushion – Mini Tutorial

  1. So cute and the perfect size to pop
    In the sewing bag for when I'm sewing with my other crafty ladies ( most ever Tuesday and Thursday right now!)
    But for next to the machine, I recently bought one of those magnetic pin holders and it's wonderful- I rip the pins out as I see then swoop it over them and all picked up, much quicker than stuffing hundreds of pins back in!!

  2. I'm surprised you only have 4! I'm a bit addicted to pin cushions, and am a sucker for making more…your is lovely. I love nics fabrics and have been stockpiling them for awhile to make a quilt. I might have to sneak some for a pincushion. Love it!

  3. Very cute!!! I do like Kate's idea of a magnetic pin holder. I still use a little pin cushion in the shape of a hat, which I bought about 25 years ago at a fete…

  4. Very cute. I love pinwheels and I need more pin cushions. Right now I'm using the puffed up part of the Maxine mug rug that sits next to my machine to stick pins in.

  5. Very cute cushion Ros, love the contrast in your fabrics. I think I might make one for me and one for my mum, she still has a pin cushion that I had made her in Primary School! In case you are wondering, It's an old ladies face made with a stuffed stocking and a bonnet, haha 🙂

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