Fabric Button Hair Clips

I’ve been meaning to make some cute clips for a while – I bought a little kit last year and realised I didn’t have the button making tool so the kit languished up the back of the craft cupboard. Then, last week Cass posted this great tutorial on making fabric covered buttons and it gave me that kick of motivation to go and buy the little button tool and get making. Once you’ve got the stuff you need they are a super quick project.

I used fabric scraps that had small prints. It was tricky to get the fabric to sit in the exact position I wanted it to, but I got better the more buttons I made.

Button covering kits are available at craft stores, but you will find a larger range of sizes online, particularly on etsy. You can buy buttons with a stem to sew onto garments, or flat backed buttons to glue on jewellery findings like earring posts. For the hair clips I’ve used flat backs. The best glue to use is E-6000, which is a jewellery grade glue.
Hair clip stems are available for great prices at an etsy shop called Skull Buttonry, where all the profits go to Cate Bolt’s Foundation 18. Buy crafty items and give money to charity at the same time – YES!
I also made some very cute Little Red Riding Hood hair clips but they have been wrapped up and posted off as a surprise gift for someone who will hopefully get them today!
Now I just have to decide which of these three pairs I will include as part of a birthday gift for one of Anna’s little friends who is having a birthday party this weekend. Which are your favourites?

14 thoughts on “Fabric Button Hair Clips

  1. And they did arrive! They are absolutely beautiful! 🙂 Now we will commence practicing staying still long enough for a model photo. Thank you, we felt very loved up on a sick-baby day. xxxx

  2. The strawberry ones are SO cute. It's funny, I wore two bobbypins in my hair today and wondered if I could make fabric button ones that wouldn't look like I stole my daughters. Of course, once I figured out how to make fabric buttons last year, it makes me think twice about throwing away event the teeniest scraps of fabric!

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