Popping My Quilting Cherry

What do you do when you have a stack of unfinished projects, hardly any time to sew and a busy few weeks coming up?

You start a making a quilt for the first time ever. Right? *sheepish grin*

The funny part is that many of you reading this will consider it a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Until lately, I’ve never been very interested in quilts. They’ve always seemed a bit old fashioned to me. They are a long and painstaking project, and I’m a bit impatient and have a short attention span.

So what’s changed my mind? Pinterest, for a start. (I’ve even started my own Quilt board, check it out here.) I’ve seen some amazing quilts made from beautiful, modern fabrics. Also, I like the idea of a project that once made, can be used forever, unlike a garment that will be grown out of.

I was recently the lucky winner of a charm pack of Lucy’s Crab Shack (appropriate name right?) by Sweetwater for Moda, and I’ve decided to give it a go and put together some little blocks. I was going to just sew the charms together for something simple, but that seemed a bit boring. I found this tutorial by Lovely Little Handmades on making easy pinwheels, so I thought that would be a good starting point.

The three pictures in this post are my first EVER attempt at anything quilt related. I’m happy with the blue and pink pinwheels but the cream and green one doesn’t have enough contrast in the colours to make the pinwheel shape stand out. Trial and error!

My plan is to make a large cot sized quilt that will go on Lucy’s bed when she is old enough for the sides of her cot to be removed and it becomes a toddler bed. When she eventually graduates to a big bed she can just have her quilt as an extra throw or little cosy blanket when she wants to read books or listen to music.

I probably need to plan this quilt a bit better – get an idea of how many pinwheels I need. I’m wondering what colour solid I will use between the pinwheels. I quite like the olive green colour throughout this fabric range.

So quilting friends – tell me your tips and tricks! Do you have a Pinterest board devoted to quilts? Let me know, I’d love to follow.

19 thoughts on “Popping My Quilting Cherry

  1. I love all three of them! I actually spent more time admiring the second one, love the fabrics 🙂 Good on you for trying some quilting, I mix quilting in with my other sewing and yes, I too always start a new project when I have a million things on 🙂 Goes with being stitchy I think 🙂

  2. I love love LOVE quilts and quilting and trying new things and experimenting with color and fabric and everything about them, and I am totally addicted to pinterest 🙂 Pinterest.com/akchickadee/quilts! There are so many exciting and fresh ideas out there to keep quilting from being too old fashioned! Have fun with it!!

  3. Here's how I make quilts;

    1. Sew top
    2. Buy the other bits
    3. Put all the parts in the cupboard
    4. Move onto next project

    I hope you get further than me!!

  4. You know, I can't make time for clothes now that I've gotten hooked on quilting. My advice is to buy a Kona Cotton color card, or colors cards from any other lines you're thinking of purchasing solids from – helps you get just the perfect match for sashing, borders and whatnot.

  5. The top one is my favourite, Ros. The centres all match beautifully. No tips from me, as I'm not a quilter yet…LOL!!! I AM thoroughly enjoying making my first quilt and am already planning the second.

  6. I have never been tempted to take up sewing (clothes etc) but I've always wanted to make a quilt so I will be watching this project with interest! (p.s. love the bicycle fabric – cute!)

  7. I am a quilter who only occasionally sews clothes, so the opposite of you, I guess. Piecemeal Quilts ran a great skill builder series a while back, if you want to learn some new techniques. (http://piecemealquilts.wordpress.com/skill-builder-series/) Sorry, I can't do that cool linky thing. And Sewn did one too, as a quilt along block sampler. (http://sewnbyleila.blogspot.ca/p/skill-builder-sampler.html) Hope that helps!

    beaniekins84 at gmail dot com

  8. I'm like you when it comes to quilts… I much prefer quick projects! Quilts just look like too much fiddly, hard work. But saying that, I've been thinking about making a rag quilt. Good luck… can't wait to see the finished project 🙂

  9. Great pinwheels! I haven't tried them yet. I am still learning quilting. I have made blankets up to a queen size quilt, love making each of them.

    Just remember, do what you feel is right! There are no quilt police….even though a few might try to be. 😉

    Best of luck with your new quilt! Can't wait to see it.

  10. I'm following your Quilting board now Roslyn, hopefully to get some inspiration from you. I've been wanting to make quilts for years now but have always put them on hold because of the kids. I wanted to have an area in my house to keep it all set up. Haven't got there yet but it's still on the cards. I'll be watching your quilting adventure intently. My aunt is an expert quilter and I'm trying to get over to her for a few lessons as well.

    Anne xx

  11. Ahh! Love it, Ros! 🙂 Funny actually, because both Brandi and I are starting quilts here soon, too! Mine is going to be Dr. Seuss' The Lorax themed and I can't wait to get cracking on it!

  12. For a pinwheel quilt, I actually like the use of the same solid throughout…so if you like an olive color, use it as the solid contrast in all of your pinwheel blocks. It will unify your quilt and make each print stand out. This technique looks great with cream or white too.

  13. Hi Ros. I am an avid and passionate quilter. I have been quilting for about 10 years and now design as well. I have quite a few Pinterest boards featuring quilts. You can find them here. pinterest.com/Sewwellmaide/. I also have quite a few boards devoted to collating various kinds of quilting and sewing tutorials and also quilt alongs and beginners series. All are pinned from the original blog (recognition where it is deserved). Hope you find something there to help and inspire you. Cheers, Karen

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