Enforced Creative Block

I’m stuck. Not much sewing happening here lately.

Not for lack of ideas  – I have SO many project plans. These two are the thorns in my creative side.

Anna & Lucy – October 2011

Lucy is crawling, teething and into everything. Everything is placed out of reach, but she still finds flotsam and jetsam to shove into her mouth. She pulls herself up and walks along the edge of the furniture, and climbs if she can. I have to watch her like a hawk. She trips, she falls, she chases the dog, she pokes herself in the eye and spills her water on the floor. All this can happen in the space of thirty seconds.

Anna just wants to play.
“Mummy, let’s play My Little Ponies! I’ll be Rainbow Dash, you be Pinky Pie.”
“Mummy, let’s play Lion King! I’ll be Simba, you can be Pumba.”
“Mummy, let’s play princesses! I’ll be Snow White, you can be Belle.”

All. Day. Long.

I want to be present. I want to play. I want to be with them. But sometimes it’s exhausting. And that’s before I even consider laundry, cooking, dishes and the other necessities of housekeeping.

I find myself wishing the time away. Dreaming of the day that they’ll both be at school. But then they won’t be little anymore and I stop wishing for it.

By 7.30pm, they are sleeping and I glance over at the sewing machine. Nope. Too tired.

And so I wait for my next chance. The to-do list grows ever longer.

12 thoughts on “Enforced Creative Block

  1. Oh my word. That sounds like my world. My two are at very similar stages by the sounds of it. The teething, crawling baby is harder second time around I think, because we are use to our "big girl" who doesn't get into everything, and just wants to play (like yours), and no matter how much we work on putting things away after she has used them, there always seems to be a stray crayon or scrap of paper for crawling baby to find and attempt to ingest. And I totally get the "too tired" sentiment also. I'm living that. But these kids are so worth it. I'm holding on to that!

  2. Oh honey, I can so relate!!! And mine are even past the toddler stage, my bonus son is 8 and my daughter is 5. When he isn't home she wants me to play with her. When they are both home there's more to clean!!! It doesn't end when they get older (especially during the summer!!) My daughter starts Kindergarten this fall and I keep telling myself that these days will not last. This time with her, all day/every day, it ends in the fall. 🙁 And one day I will have all the time in the world to sew, and so will you. And we will miss the days of being wanted and needed 24/7. It is so okay to feel the way you do. We all feel that way, but at the end, the kids will not remember all the fabulous stuff we made for them, but the time we spent with them. You are a good mom! Have a cup of tea, take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. 🙂

  3. Oh Ros, I'm in the exact same boat! Jimmy is forever on a suicide mission and Jane wants to play whatever I am doing (as if I am playing dishes, or playing laundry.) I get nothing done. To make matters worse, as I nurse Jimmy I read blogs, see new fabrics, get new ideas and add to my wish list.

  4. One day, your 'dream' will come true, and you'll have all the time in the world to sew. When you reach that stage, you'll be able to look back on the short time you have with your children and 'dream' about the things you used to do together. When you're in the thick of it, you think it'll never end and that you'll never have time to yourself. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I agree totally with Amy's comment!!!

  5. My first 3 were in 4 years and I was just constantly on the go, giving up nap time was not an option, I needed it (till Kindy, then quiet time) They all went off to school then I got a "real" job and things started getting done – Fast forward 8 years and I now have 2 more (surprise) little ones and honestly it goes so quick that I am determined to enjoy them. So relax it's hard! You'll have time again and hey sometimes we need to drop perfection for good enough.

  6. My two 'babies' are turning 16 & 17 this summer. I go to work all day , come home to two beautiful bickering heads bent over keyboards, consider myself lucky when we have a 'proper' conversation at the dinner table rather than MORE bickering !!!
    Enjoy ever single minute you have at home with your two angels, they will be grown up before you know it.

  7. I know exactly how you feel! I have a 4 month old who wants to nurse and/or be held constantly, and a 27 month old who is into everything. I spent about 5 minutes sewing today, and when I turned around to iron a hem, my son started using my serger as a race track. Sigh. I'll finish baby girl's dress sometime!

  8. I can relate. I tried the stay at home mom thing, I am just not cut out for it. Bravo to you for being able to do it.
    So now I try to cram working, cooking, cleaning, quality time, exercise, and crafting all into one day. Most days I feel like I'm crazy for trying to do it. I have moved my crafting station into my bedroom so that my 15 month old Sofie can't get into it…she too is a climber and "organizer." My 4 year old, Morgan, is into my crafting stuff too, but at least she listens…for the most part…and doesn't mess it up too bad. I try to include her in the crafting/sewing whenever possible.
    I have an amazing support system in my wonderful husband and Grandma (his mom) who help out A LOT!

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