Back in 2000, I was a twenty year old uni student who had finally left my teenage job at the local bakery for the glitz and glamour of a new job at the Gold Class Cinemas at Crown here in Melbourne. I walked in for my first shift to discover I was working with a couple of lovely guys named Trevor and Daniel. We hit it off instantly.

Twelve years later Trevor and I are married with two kids. Daniel remains a really good friend and Trev was best man at his wedding.

Needless to say, Gold Class holds some great memories for us, and I was really thrilled when the lovely people at Nuffnang and Roadshow Australia provided us with a double pass for a screening of The Artist. And if you remember this post from last week, you’ll know that we would be pretty excited just to have a night out. With two little kids and limited baby sitting options, we don’t get out without the kids much.

I knew this film was highly acclaimed, winning a huge swag of Oscars and Golden Globes in 2011. That was the extent of my knowledge of The Artist. I think having no preconceptions is a great way to see a film. Within minutes of the film starting, I was hooked, and I loved it. The performances, the sets, the music and the costumes – oh the costumes!

Trev will attest to how terrible I am at trying to give a good film synopsis without giving away the whole plot, plus you should see for yourself how visually stunning this film is, so here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

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Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo in the main roles as George Valentin and Peppy Miller were incredible, but it was this actor who almost stole the show for me. He was hilarious.

If you are keen to grab a DVD and you are a bit tired of the standard Hollywood fare laden with CGI and implausible story lines, then you should definitely grab a copy of The Artist.

Gold Class has had a facelift since we worked there, and was more fabulous than we remembered. Thanks again to Nuffnang and Roadshow Films for a great evening.

3 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Well… I'm a tad jealous that you got some grown up time!!! Lucky you 🙂
    I get my turn next month when I get to go see My Man the Muso's new band play in the city… I can't wait 🙂

  2. How lovely! MIL gave us gold class tickets for Christmas. I said 'I hope they include a baby sitting voucher'. Still need to go! My best friend worked at Telstra Dome (or whatever they call it now) as a teenager and met her hubby there. Such a similar story!

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