Lucy’s 1st Birthday – The Cake

I love making cakes but things have been pretty busy around here lately. Rather than experiment with a new style or skill, I decided to keep Lucy’s cake simple and fall back on successful techniques I’ve used before. Also known as ‘I ran out of time’ haha!

The first technique I used is the ruffle for the icing. I used a white buttercream and a Wilton petal tip (no. 104)

You may remember I made this ruffle cake for my Mum for her birthday last year. It was so easy and the outcome looks really great.

For the inner layers, I cheated and used a sponge packet mix. Inspired by some ombre cakes I’d seen on Pinterest, I made a pink ombre sponge. The making of it was pretty much exactly the same as the rainbow cake, but easier because you only use one colour. The picture of the cake cut open was not great, so here I am with the cake – the proud baker!

The birthday girl liked it too!

And just for laughs, I had to share this hilarious photo! What is that face?!

Tomorrow would normally be my Needle & Thread Interview weekly post, but I’ve decided to rest it for a little while. For the last couple of weeks I’ve felt like a bit of a slave to the computer…do you get like that too?

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Lucy’s 1st Birthday – The Cake

  1. Hello Roslyn,
    That cake looks very professional and most important of all delicious. Looks as if your little girl is ready to dive into it too…and isn't she a lovely little thing!…sigh…. wish my daughter would hurry up and give me another grand-child…

    have a good day

    Amanda 🙂
    new follower

  2. Incredible cake for a 'ran out of time' effort – haha! Awesome! Looks amazing. I am determined to make that cake for one birthday or another. Love that last photo…in fact, it kinda looks like she's just pulled someone's finger…which may explain the face 😛 hehe!

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