It must be PINK!

Conversation with my three year old.

Me: Anna, I will make you a pencil case for your textas. Let’s choose some fabric!

Anna: Oh wow, panks Mum! (she can’t quite get her tongue around the ‘th’ sound)

Me: What colour would you like?

Anna: Pink please.

Me: What about for the inside?

Anna: PINK! *sighs*

Me: OK, what about the zipper?

Anna: *rolls eyes* MUM I SAID PINK!! Gosh! (said in same manner as Napoleon Dynamite)

 Me: OK. So… how about pink then?

I used the same method as my travel document pouch to make this pencil case, but I added a ribbon loop so Anna can carry it around easily. The fabric is a pretty JoAnn cotton that was sent to me in a swap last year by my swap friend Brandi. It’s lined with a strawberry print poly-cotton.

I will forgive my cheeky Miss for her exasperation and demands for pink, as she now parades the ‘new pencil case Mummy made me’ in front of anyone who will pay attention. I will enjoy every second of that, as I’m sure there will come a time when she is hideously embarrassed by anything I make.

As well as the colour pink, Anna is currently obsessed with Babar the Elephant, The Lion King (when we play I always have to be Pumba – why?!) a tatty copy of the 101 Dalmations Golden Book and wearing summer dresses despite the freezing weather.

What are your kids obsessed with?

7 thoughts on “It must be PINK!

  1. I would want to be Timon. Just to sing the song about eating Pumba.

    My daughter is obsessed with princess movies. Enchanted, Princess and the Frog, The Little Mermaid…argh!

  2. And then she will get even bigger and realise that your sewing skills are the best thing! And you can drink coffee/wine while you sew and learn together and talk about her own kids and all kinds of grown up womanly stuff…
    I have boys, boys that dig holes, play Lego and Minecraft….

  3. Hehe! She's such a cutie! Emily had an obsession with pink too when she was little. I remember many days that she would throw a hissy fit if all of her pink clothes were in the wash :-S
    Now… she prefers anything BUT pink!
    It's a very cute pencil case 🙂

  4. At our house my little girl is also deeply obsessed with pink and as a contrast we are bug obsessed. Any creepy crawly that has the misfortune to stray in our path is quickly scooped up and put on display. Until such time as I can convince them that the bug need to eat and no I don't know what it eats so we can release it and start the hunt again.

  5. Ha ha! So cute!! My 2.5 year old daughter is obsessed with her duck wheat heat, called 'Quacky'. She 'breastfeeds' this thing, feeds it 'baby food pear like Theo has', comforts it when it 'falls down the stairs' (at her pushing, carries it around and won't let it out of her sight. I agree with Hannah though – here's hoping she will value your sewing skills and want to learn, learn, learn!! 🙂

  6. Cute pencil case, Ros! I think all little girls go through a pink stage. You have a few years yet before the embarrassment stage. But she'll make up for it when, as an adult, she'll tell you that she has complete confidence in your sewing skills and thinks you can sew absolutely anything…

  7. My 2.5 year old son is obsessed with curious George, airplanes and fire trucks/firemen (right now all super heros are "firemen" -so cute!) but he loves watching me work on a project and always wants to know what it will be and if I'm gonna use my sewing machine on it, so I might get to share my sewing skills after all…

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