Anna’s New Pyjamas

Winter has really set in down here in Melbourne and so it was time for me to make Anna some new toasty warm pyjamas.

I had some pretty vintage flannelette fabric in my stash – it came from my Grandmother-in-law’s stash of which many pieces had little hand written labels stapled to them with prices in shillings and pence. Australia changed to decimal currency in 1963, so the fabric I used is possibly over 50 years old!  It is a gorgeous pink with little pink squirrels and blue flowers.

I used a simple method – I turned a pair of roomy trousers of hers inside out and used them as a pattern. I placed the straight leg seam along the fabric fold. I made the cuts along the crotch  / inside leg seams. I used the piece I cut as template, folded the fabric and cut the second piece. I put the pieces right sides together, stitched up the crotch seams, flipped to form a proper trouser shape, then stitched the inner leg seams. I created a casing around the waist, inserted elastic, then hemmed the ankles. Done! It only took about 30 minutes. Perhaps I should do a tutorial?

I teamed the pants with a simple top from a chain store. When the winter nights get even cooler she will switch to a long sleeve tee.

And what better way to celebrate a new pair of pjs than a good session of jumping on the bed!

Are you sewing for winter? Or is it summer in your part of the world?

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12 thoughts on “Anna’s New Pyjamas

  1. love them! I have plans to make Isabelle a couple of pairs of PJ pants too, but was lacking inspiration until I saw this! Thanks! I was thinking of teaming them with a chain store shirt too… perhaps with an applique using the PJ fabric..? It's so awesome that you used vintage fabric from your Grandma's stash… I love when clothes and fabric tells a tale πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Roslyn,
    We're well into spring here in Spain… up in the 28ΒΊ & 29ΒΊs very warm really for this time of the year.
    You make these cutie pjs sound so easy to make Anna certainly looks as if she is enjoying them. Totally agree with the PJs trial run….you just got to be able to jump in them!!

    Amanda πŸ™‚

    at Crafty in the Med

  3. I can tell your daughter had fun with this photo shoot and wow what an interesting story about the material you used
    very pretty indeed!!

  4. Gorgeous fabric, Ros!!! How lucky are you to have fabric from your Grandmother-in-law's stash!!! The pyjamas look great…

  5. Too cute…..squirrels and flowers, how wonderful to be using fabric with some history.

    When I was young my great aunt made me some lovely flannelette nighties, frills and buttons and sweet little lambs on the fabric………

    These jim jams look perfect for jumping, twirling and having lots of fun.

    Claire :}

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