Afternoon Art with Anna

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Each afternoon while Lucy snoozes, Anna and I have fallen into the routine of having some shared crafty time. Colouring and drawing is her current activity of choice and it’s great. We both enjoy it and is fairly fuss free for me – not much stress or mess and she doesn’t need a lot of help.

Anna takes her inspiration from the book Olivia (you know the bit where Olivia copies the Jackson Pollock painting by painting on the wall at home!) We read it all the time and Anna particularly identifies with the part where Olivia is sent to time out! Hahaha!

Olivia by Ian Falconer, published by Simon & Schuster

And when she’s not channeling her inner abstract impressionist, she loves to colour Disney Princesses.

It was time for some new supplies (and some washable markers – I learned that the hard way), but a trip to the shops last week was out of the question…too much rain and too many other commitments. So I went for the easy option…hello Big W Toys online! They had a great range of the stuff we needed, and online shopping is something I opt for often these days, rather than dragging the kids around the local shopping centre.

I picked some products from the range in the Big W Toys ‘Arts and Crafts’ category and there was a lot to choose from – I’ll be keeping it in mind for gift buying for the next round of birthday parties! The last few years I’ve done all my Christmas shopping online, so Big W Toys will probably get another visit from me in December.

Being three, Anna’s attention span is not huge and I’m sure colouring will lose it’s appeal soon – what other kids crafts can I add to my repertoire? What do you do with your little ones?

6 thoughts on “Afternoon Art with Anna

  1. Paper mache with coloured tissue paper or decoupage a small treasure box the same way!
    Threading with beads,
    butterfly paintings
    Oil Pastel or candle drawings with ink over the top
    Making snowflakes with paper and scissors,
    make a pom-pom with wool scraps,
    oh my!

  2. Oh I can't wait for craft ernoons! My bub is seven months, so I've a bit to go just yet. I don't think you can get edible textas! Colouring in sounds great though, and paper mâché! Swoon!

  3. Shopping online is the only way to go for me at Christmas, and that's without kids in tow. Craft with kids is such fun, even if sometimes messy:
    – rainbow pencils
    – cutting paper.. random cutting leading to cutting around shapes
    – crayons.. You can get the letters of their name made into crayons
    – painting… finger painting, all sorts of brush types… onto paper and boxes
    – glueing paper and pieces of fabric
    Did all of the above last weekend…

  4. leftover material pieces are great, you can sew, glue or cut them. Make pictures with them or just decorate dolls. I doodle and they colour in the spaces or we do together. Washi tape, is great fun especially to decorate a treasures box, pegs or simply anything. Boxes are wonderful fun to decorate or play with, they can become anything and it always exciting to see what they turn into. Beading is wonderful fun too. i started with the bigger wooden ones first and then gradually worked down in size.

  5. Hey, great idea to shop for craft supplies online – believe it or not I never actually thought of it before! (Books yes, but craft no). I will definitely be checking out the arty and crafty stuff available (as much for me as for Miss 3 – haha!).

  6. I do playdoh a lot with my kids; I found a recipe online for home made playdoh, and they got to chose the colours, which they really enjoyed. They also love to paint, with washable paint, of course.

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