Washi Covered Notebook – Tutorial

Washi tape – the craft world’s current ‘it’ material! And rightly so – gorgeous, colourful, endless possibilities and affordable! What’s not to love? I thought I’d get in on the Washi action and share this project with you. Super easy and will take you fifteen minutes, tops.

To make a washi covered notebook you need – 
– an exercise book (I bought a cheap multi-pack at the supermarket)
– assorted washi tape – I bought mine at this great Etsy shop, Crafty Japan.
– brown paper
– scissors, a ruler and a pencil
– clear contact (vinyl) book covering (optional)

Do you have to cover your kids’ school books at the start of every school year? If yes, you’ll find this a breeze! First, use your exercise book as a guide to cut the brown paper to size to cover your book. Make sure you leave enough around the edges so it folds over comfortably.

To create the diagonal design like mine, use your ruler and pencil to draw a guide line for your first piece of washi tape. Stick your first piece across this line.

Use this first piece as a guide and stick your remaining tape down in the pattern you desire.

Trim around the edges to remove the over hanging tape and turn the paper over. Lay the book open and trim corners of paper to prepare to cover the book.

Starting with the sides, fold in and secure with another strip of washi tape. Once the sides are secure, fold in at the top and bottom of the book by carefully lifting the pages at the centre crease and gently slide the paper under and secure with washi tape.

Once you’ve done that, your book will look awesome! You can finish the job there if you would like to, but I like to cover the book with a layer of clear contact / vinyl to protect my pretty washi paper and give the book an extra long life!

Use the same technique to trim and cover the book with the contact. Carefully peel the backing paper off once trimmed, lay the book down and smooth any bubbles carefully with your fingers.

You now have a beautiful notebook!

If you make one I’d love to see it – please share a photo over at the Sew Delicious flickr pool!

10 thoughts on “Washi Covered Notebook – Tutorial

  1. Looks great!!! Thank goodness I haven't had to cover kids' school books for a long time. I used to crease the contact every time… LOL!!!

  2. I saw a comment you left for me on my blog, so I came over here to check you out! LOVE! I am originally from Australia, so I was immediately intrigued. I am your newest follower 🙂


  3. I was interesting when I saw you were using a woolies book…nice to find a fellow crafty Aussie in blog land! It's such a cute idea. I only have 1 roll of washi tape and I can never decide what project to use it on.

  4. This is fabulous! Thanks so much for explaining how you covered the notebook. I have washi tape and I am a hoarder – not a user! .
    Hopefully this might change now!
    Lowri 🙂

  5. I plan to make the machine cover. I have lots of 5″ squares to use up. I am also working on a queen size log cabin quilt for my own bed. The top is almost finished.

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