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I first discovered Nic from Yardage Design way before I started blogging and sewing, when she was interviewed in a magazine for one of Melbourne’s major newspapers. I loved what I saw and when I began to follow blogs, the Yardage Design blog was one of my first. A textile designer by trade, Nic also creates amazing sewn pieces with her beautiful hand printed fabric. If you are looking for a special and unique fabric for your next quilt or sewing project, you will adore Nic’s stunning designs.

In Nic’s own words:
Hello! I’m Nic (Nicole), and I’m
a textile designer with my own little label called Yardage Design which has
been around since 2009. When I’m not designing, screenprinting or sewing, I am
a mum to a 5 year old and wife to an engineer. We normally live in Melbourne,
but we’ve been living in Madrid (Spain) since June last year. Whilst we are
well travelled, this is our first time living overseas ~ it’s been an
adventure, a challenge and a dream all in one! From a design point of view,
it’s been very inspiring.

Is sewing a hobby you have had
since you were young or has it been something you have come to as an adult?
I was taught to sew initially by
my mum when I was in late primary school, but my skills were improved by my
high school textiles and design teacher, Mrs Johnston. At uni, I was lucky
enough to live down the hall from a student studying fashion, so I learnt a lot
and was inspired by her. I launched a small brand of clothing that I sold
through a local shop during my university days ~ it was a pleasant change from
the science degree I was studying!

Is/was your paid job or educational background
I am an environmental scientist
by profession and spent many years working in this amazing space. My professional
training and passions have had a huge impact on the way I run my business ~
making it as sustainable as possible. There was little time for sewing or
crafting until the birth of my son five years ago.

What types of projects do you
enjoy creating the most?
Nothing beats the thrill of
creating a design, getting the screen made and seeing it come to life on fabric
~ I never tire of it. A close second, is making something with my own fabrics.
At the moment, I’m enjoying making quilts ~ choosing the fabrics, deciding on a
design, and ending up with a beautiful and useful quilt.

your top five design inspirations.

1. Nature – leaves and flowers
2. Typography – especially old posters, signs and books
3. Geometry – shapes and lines
4. Architecture – old buildings and craftsmanship
5. Travel – new experiences are wonderful for igniting new ideas

How do you balance your business and blogging with your ‘real life’? Lists! As a business owner, 
mum, wife and friend, I try and make it all work, with a varying degree of success. The reality is that a lot of 
things I need to do for the business or myself are done when everyone is asleep, or during school hours!

What other creative pursuits do
you enjoy?
really love photography ~ looking at beautiful images and

trying to make them
myself! I have lots to learn, but I am enjoying it. I’m also very addicted to
Instagram at 
the moment ~ some very talented people sharing their images via
this great application. I also love to cook, 
and grow things in the garden. 

Thanks so much Nic for sharing your creativity with us today! If you want to find out more about Yardage
 Design or you would like to pick up some of Nic’s gorgeous fabric (Swizzle in blue and Verano petals in sea
green are my current faves!) you can find her here:


Instagram – @yardagedesign

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