Scrap Bag Swap – What I Made

Recently I participated in the Scrap Bag Swap organised and hosted by Nin from The Wardrobe. My partner was a lady named Kerrie from Napier, New Zealand (fun – love an international swap!) The swap requirements were that –

1. You send some scraps from your stash, and
2. You make a bag to put them in

Great idea! A gift with some fabulous wrapping.

To stay true to the scrap theme, I grabbed my scraps and made my swap bag using those. You may remember the work in progress from this post.

Here is the finished product:

And the other side:

I lined it with a multi coloured polka dot, to coordinate with all the varied colours on the outside. I filled it up with scraps from my stash – I hope Kerrie can use them! They were a real mixed bag – some Amy B, some kids prints, some florals, and some vintage bits and pieces. I also popped in a bag of buttons from my huge stash, as Kerrie makes softies and buttons always come in handy for eyes and noses.

Next post I look forward to sharing the lovely vintage themed scrap bag gift I received from Anissa!

11 thoughts on “Scrap Bag Swap – What I Made

  1. Brilliant way to use up your scraps and it looks fabulous, Ros!!! You've even changed thread colour to co-ordinate your topstitching!!!

  2. A great idea. I have lots of scraps left from my "dress a girl around the world" effort. I could make a few little bags to send out with the next parcel.

  3. So cute! I just dusted off my sewing machine and I have a TON of fabric scraps…wonder if I could pull something like this off? Thanks for linking up at TT&J!

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